Annual Dolphin Slaughter In Infamous Japan Cove Begins

Annual Dolphin Slaughter In Infamous Japan Cove Begins

dolphinThe annual dolphin slaughter in a cove in Japan has started and is expected to end on Tuesday, January 28, according to a statement released by a local Taiji fishermen’s union.

An Estimate of 500 Bottlenose Dolphins

Estimated 500 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the infamous cove this year. A member of the union who didn’t want to be named told an American television channel that the total count of dolphins to be slaughtered or captured was less than 100, and that the rest would be freed.

At the Center of Controversy

This annual slaughter is a traditional practice of the Taiji’s community’s dolphin hunting season. Most people in the community in southwest Japan view this practice as a long-held tradition. The hunt, however, is scrutinized by environmental activists, who have been keeping track of activities, tweeting and livestreaming about the latest updates.

The Cove, a 2009 Oscar-nominated documentary film, even brought the issue of this annual tradition practice to the public, with bloody scenes of dolphin slaughter.