5 Quick and Unique Christmas Decorations

5 Quick and Unique Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a great holiday to celebrate, but it can also be quite exhausting to prepare for. Here are some tips you should follow to make the holidays easier for you:

Use Lights

Forget all the figurines, the Christmas tree, and the stockings. Stick with lights, preferably using low-energy mini LED light bar or a series of lights that blink out festive images and phrases. Strategically placed in your home, ledequipped.com noted that three to five of these lights should be enough to dress up your home for the whole neighborhood to see.

Poinsettias Everywhere

These festive flowers are everywhere during the holidays and are relatively cheap. Buy a bunch of them and place the pots everywhere you want at home. The beauty of this is that after Christmas, you can move the poinsettias outdoors and bring them back again next year for a low-cost repetitive Christmas decoration.

Inflatable Decor

You can just inflate decorative balloons with air and spreading them all over the house. This shouldn’t be a problem as most balloons can last for weeks, especially if you’re not using helium but basic air to keep them puffed up. No need to fill the house with balloons. Strategically place them in certain spots and the feeling of Christmas should be perfect.

Go With a Color

Sometimes, you don’t have to go elaborate. Check out your existing home decors and bring out the ones that have the same colors. For example, you might have a tea set that’s done in red or couch pillows that boast the same festive coloring. Whip out what you have of the same color and you instantly get a motif in the home without the added cost.

Go Ballsy

Skip the Christmas tree and buy a tall and transparent vase. Fill it with various colors of Christmas balls and you’ve got yourself an easy-fix Christmas tree.

Want to make your home amazing without the exhausting preparation? Follow the tips above and enjoy your vacation.