5 Common Roofing Issues That Many Homeowners Neglect

5 Common Roofing Issues That Many Homeowners Neglect

Man checking a roof

Taking care of your roof is crucial to prevent any mishaps or unnecessary expenses. However, there are times when a roof replacement for your commercial building in Brazoria County is necessary. But how do you know if you already need to contact a professional to check your roof?

Weathered flat roof flashing

See if the metal strips that run along your roof’s edges are damaged. Check if your flashing bent or rusting as well. There’s a possibility that water can seep into your roof system is your roof flashing isn’t well sealed. Quickly addressing the issue can prevent any water damage in the future or at least keep it to a minimum.

Cracked commercial roof exterior

Check if the commercial roof’s facade has any cracks, blisters or bubbles. Such damage may be one of the tell-tale signs of trapped moisture, which can lead to leaking. Blisters on the roofs’ surface are often caused by trapped pockets of moisture or air between the deck and the roof membrane.

Roof leaks

Check your roofs for any standing or pooling water. Keep in mind that it’s quite normal to have water standing after a storm. However, the standing water should either evaporate or drain within a day or two. Standing water that is left longer than two days may lead to leaks, which can cause your flat roof’s longevity to decrease.

Water stains

You may actually see the problems right inside the walls of the establishments. Check if there are any water stains on the walls or ceiling on the upper floor. If you ever see it, it’s probably time to see if there’s any possibility of roofing system damage in that location.

Foul odor

Mold or any foul odor can sometimes be a result of water breaching the establishment’s roofing system. Contact a professional roofing expert to see if there are any problems.

These are just some of the things that can help you identify the signs of roofing problems. Always remember that knowing how to distinguish early signs of roof problems is important before it gets worse. It’ll help you identify the root cause of the problem and provide the necessary treatment to fix it right away.