Your Baby Has Gray Teeth, But Should You Panic?

Your Baby Has Gray Teeth, But Should You Panic?

Boy Brushing Teeth

Boy Brushing TeethMany times, parents notice that their baby has gotten gray stains on their white teeth overnight. This could happen to the front or back teeth, too. There are many reasons this can happen, but do not panic and assume that your child will soon have decayed teeth, become toothless, and get taunted by their peers soon. None of this will happen, so calm down.

Could be due to a fall

If the baby had a fall or an injury, then a couple of their teeth could turn dark and gray. The fall could have caused a bump on their teeth or even made one of them loose. If in doubt, check with your family dentist in Sugarhouse. The fall could have occurred a couple of weeks back and the discoloring can show up much later.

The teeth are stained from the inside, so you cannot clean it off. The color on the milk teeth will get lighter with time, though. Moreover, as milk teeth will fall off eventually, you should not worry. The same discoloring in adult teeth, however, is permanent and may need cosmetic dental procedures.

Iron in the baby’s formula or a multivitamin

Iron in the vitamin supplements you give your child can cause stains. You can confirm this with your dentist. They can scrape stains with their instruments, but there are instances when they’re difficult to remove. It’s best to continue giving your baby their multivitamins or formula, but rinse their mouth and brush their teeth afterwards to prevent staining. Medication, like antibiotic amoxicillin, can cause staining as well. This is a proven side effect, but it is temporary.

Always consult your dentist when in doubt, so you’re sure that the graying of your little one’s teeth is temporary and a harmless side effect only.