What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Vegetables

What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Vegetables

Little Girl Eats Vegetable Salad

For some parents, encouraging their kids to eat vegetables can be a big challenge. It is common for children to hate veggies or just refuse to eat them. The sad part is, most of them usually like sweets and other unhealthy food choices.

If this the same for you and your little one, don’t lose hope. You can still win this fight and get your child to eat or even like vegetables.

A popular family medical center in Orem shares a few strategies you can try:

  • No forcing or scolding. Forcing your child to eat vegetables won’t work. It is best to offer different types of veggies and tell your little one to try some. Always aim for a positive mood during mealtimes.
  • Be a role model. Eat meals together as a family and make sure your child sees you eating veggies and other nutritious foods. Children are more likely to imitate their parents’ habits or choose foods that their parents usually eat.
  • Just try and try. Research suggests that you need to offer a new food to kids 10 times or more before they accept or eat it. It is also a good idea to give them a small portion of healthy foods or add veggies to a dish they like.
  • Involve them in meal preparations. Let them choose a vegetable they want to eat for dinner. You can also let them help in the kitchen by washing fruits and vegetables, pouring ingredients into a bowl, or sprinkling salt.
  • Make it interesting. Molding or cutting vegetables into fun shapes can encourage children to try some. You can also sneak veggies in tasty family meals by chopping greens and healthy ingredients finely. Creating tasty and healthy sauces also helps.

Try these strategies and keep motivating your child to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as make healthy food choices. After all, you want your little one to grow healthy and strong.