Tips for Finding Your Baby’s First Pediatrician

Tips for Finding Your Baby’s First Pediatrician

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a new baby adds to the country’s population every 8 seconds. This also means that every 8 seconds, new sets of parents need pediatric doctors, or looking for one if they have not already.

Finding the right pediatrician for your baby is very important. Like any other primary care doctor, it is important for the healthcare specialist to have more than just the knowledge. Keep these tips in mind if you are currently searching for a pediatric doctor in Lehi such as Revere Health.


Begin your search before the baby even arrives

The moment your child is born, the care starts. Therefore, it is important to start and finalize your search and make a decision way before you even give birth. Normally, people start their search by asking family and friends for referrals. Otherwise, they go online to search.


Set up appointments for interviews

It is important to shortlist several candidates and do background checks before you book the first appointment for evaluation and interview. During the appointment, you can ask the doctors about their education, training, and general practice.

And you can confirm them with the research you’ve already done. During the interview, you can also ask for the hospital’s or clinic’s specific guidelines and protocols. You can even ask to do an ocular if you wish.

Examine the doctor’s performance

When you finally decide on a pediatrician, his or her evaluation does not end there. You need to see him or her in action in real life situations. Remember that in emergency cases, there is no such thing as clinic hours.

Sadly, some parents break up with their pediatricians for various reasons. If you are unhappy with your first choice, find a replacement immediately. That is why it is advisable to have at least three shortlisted healthcare professionals on your list.

Consider these tips to help you find the right pediatrician for your baby and your family.