Then and Now: Why Midwives Continue to be Relevant

Then and Now: Why Midwives Continue to be Relevant

Few people, of late, would consider going to a midwife at any point during their pregnancy or even after. Midwives, however, play an important role in building strong foundations in family health care.

And finding a midwife here in Miami, Florida, isn’t difficult. Here is why you should consider it.

Birth and Birthing Management

This is usually the first thing people think of when it comes to what midwives do. Briefly, midwives act as an advocate for mother and child. This helps them develop a relationship with the family, allowing them to more easily assess and identify their needs.

They can help make your birthing experience as pleasant as possible and, if you have one, turn your birth plans to reality. And, as professionals, they also can minimize birth risks and recognize early signs that you need the help an obstetrician or other specialists.

Not Just About the Birth

Beyond being professionals who specialize in pregnancy and birth, a midwife can also extend the service they provide to postnatal care. A midwife is an educator and, as such, they can also teach families about basic health care in a way that is easy to understand.

Aside from health care, they can also provide parents with childcare assistance during the first weeks after childbirth or longer.

Midwife or Obstetrician?

Both professions are concerned with two major points: caring for the mother during pregnancy and childbirth, and caring for the infant during childbirth and the early stages of life. They both can care for a birthing mother. So which professional is the appropriate one for your needs?

Midwifery and obstetrics are both fields that require appropriate education, licensing, and regulation. The major difference between them is that midwives are only certified for attending to women whose pregnancies do not involve any particular complications.

In the case of multiple births or the necessity for pregnancy-related surgeries, an obstetrician is necessary with the midwife present to assist.

In the end, what matters most is that you choose a midwife you are comfortable with. After all, it is inevitable that you’ll be sharing many intimate moments of your life with them.