Teeth and Treats: 5 Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Teeth and Treats: 5 Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Jack O lantern

Truth be told, Halloween is a giant toothache waiting to happen. The basket upon basket of sweets that children get from trick-or-treating contribute to the formation of plaque, which then causes cavities. As Alta View Dental Care says, dental wellbeing affects a person’s entire life.

If you’re concerned about cavities haunting trick-or-treaters, fret not. You can still hand out sweet treats, but healthier. Don’t worry! These alternatives will trick their taste buds and not scare the kids away.

Dark Chocolate-dipped Apples

Instead of witchy caramel apples, why not cover the fruit with dark chocolate instead? This duo is rich in antioxidants, making it healthy for the heart. What’s more, recent studies suggest that dark chocolate is good for the teeth because of a specific compound in it that can fight cavities.

Ghostly Cheese Sticks

Make cheese sticks extra spooky and extra yummy by turning them into ghosts. Wrap each cheese stick in saran plastic and draw ghoulish eyes and mouth on it using a marker. Cheese helps prevent cavities, so you’ll instantly have a spooky treat that’s also good for the teeth.

Witches’ Broomstick

Slice the lower half of mozzarella cheese sticks to create fringes. Then, insert a pretzel stick on top to create the broom handle. Secure them by tying a chive near the pretzel insertion point. A treat that will fly off the plate, witches’ broomsticks are crunchy and cheesy treats that the neighborhood kids will definitely enjoy.


Turn simple bananas into scarily healthy treats. Bananas do not stick to the teeth, so they’re not a cavity risk. Simply remove the banana peel and slice of one rounded end. Attach three chocolate chips at the top half for ghostly eyes and mouth. Then, put a pretzel stick at the bottom, so there’s a handle. Voila! You now have another set of healthy ghost treats to give out.

Halloween can be a great time to promote the importance of oral health. With these teeth-healthy Halloween treats, you can help kids develop healthy eating habits while not robbing them of the holiday fun.