Keep Safe: Preventing Disastrous, Vision-Losing Accidents at the Workplace

Keep Safe: Preventing Disastrous, Vision-Losing Accidents at the Workplace

Construction worker checking his tab

With all the activities requiring our sense of sight, it should go without saying that job sites with high risks of eye injuries should enforce proper safety gear usage policies. Many occupational hazards pose threat to the eyes, causing not only injuries but visual impairment as well. What’s worse is these can also lead to permanent blindness. This is why wearing correct safety equipment, including industrial eye protection gear, should be at the forefront of your organisation’s safety policies.

This is not only about meeting the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984; it’s an ethical and moral thing to do as an employer who prioritises the health and well-being of their workers.

Eyewear suitable for protection against these dangers

Not all workers need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), but it’s ideal if they all do. In industries that expose workers to high levels of dust, particulate matter, flying bits or pieces of objects (such as glass and metal), and chemicals, this is necessary and should be part of a more robust risk management program.

The huge consequences of workplace eye injuries

Occupational eye injuries place a toll on workers, both personally and economically. The worst part is thousands of cases involving eye hazards still occur every year. While many of these only result in minor eye strains, a significant number still lead to severe trauma that could have lasting damage to one’s vision.

Preventing serious injuries to the eyes

One of the most important and effective ways to maintain a safe work environment, especially for your people’s eye health, is to ensure that they have access to proper protective gear. By using these, you can minimise the occurrence of eye damage-causing accidents by up to 90%.

Your employees’ well-being is of utmost importance. Help them feel safe and secure while also boosting employee morale through investing in quality eye protection.