How Does the Food You Eat Affect Acne?

How Does the Food You Eat Affect Acne?

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Acne affects up to 40 to 50 million Americans. Some of these people with acne blame food for their breakouts. But is there a connection between nutrition and the most common skin disorder? Brian J. Williams, M.D. tells us more.

Can your diet cause acne breakouts?

People often blame greasy and sweet foods for acne breakouts. Some years ago, eating too much of these foods was thought to cause acne. Today, dermatologists know that food generally doesn’t cause pimples.

Doctors now know that most cases of acne are due to hormonal changes. Hormonal fluctuations can cause the production of excess sebum by the oil glands. The sebum and dead skin cells can then clog the pores. Bacterial growth within the clogged pores eventually leads to inflammation and pimples.

Accordingly, no matter the food you consume, you’re likely to get acne during times of major hormonal fluctuations. Those times include during your teen years and during the menstrual cycle.

Could certain foods have an impact on acne?

Though there is no conclusive research yet, some studies have suggested that some diets have effects on acne.

For instance, some research implies that a diet high in dairy products may enhance the chance of acne. If you eat too much milk, yogurt or cheese, the hormones in these products may increase your risk of breaking out in pimples.

Can eating high-glycemic foods worsen acne?

Some research indicates that sticking to a high glycemic index diet may worsen acne. However, before you start limiting the carbs you think could be worsening your acne, talk to a dermatologist first.

Acne is the most prevalent skin disorder. Therefore, many myths about the disorder exist, making it hard to tell misconception from fact. Regarding acne’s connection to food, nutrition doesn’t have much effect on pimples for most people.