Guide to Home Health Care Services and Providers

Guide to Home Health Care Services and Providers

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As one of the most populous counties in Florida, the Palm Beach County is home to many residents reaching their senior years. This means there is an increasing need for quality health care services for seniors.

For those who desire to live in their homes and remain with their family as they age, great options for home care in West Palm Beach are available.

Understanding the Need for Home Care

Data shows that about 21% of the population or 44.4 million Americans provide unpaid help to someone aged 18 or older. These represent around 22.9 million households that need home health care. In most cases, it’s better to hire professional aid as the unpaid caregiver may need to attend to other responsibilities, such as working outside the home or caring for children.

Elders who experience changes in vision, hearing, cognitive function, and dexterity have an increasing dependence on personal assistance. This may be due to the natural course of aging or a serious event, such as stroke or accident. Home care meets the patients’ desire to stay at home and live comfortably.

Types of Agencies

Every state regulates and licenses its own home care system. As such, there may be variations in every agency. Here are two popular options:

• Home Health Agency – Being licensed and Medicare-certified, a home health agency is one of the most popular options for home care services. It provides treatment and rehabilitation services to patients in the comfort of their homes. Skilled therapists and nurses look after the resident as prescribed by a physician.

• Custodial Care Provider – Services from this agency are not typically reimbursable under Medicare. The care is paid-for privately and can be offered by unlicensed nurses and therapists.
Caring for an aging loved one is easier with the help of professionals. With home care services, seniors can live their days with the same familiar faces and surroundings.