Four Things You Can Do To Boost Your Eye Health

Four Things You Can Do To Boost Your Eye Health

Optometrist performing visual field test

The eyes are important as it allows us to see things clearly and gives us a sensory experience that enables us to appreciate color, art, and life. However, did you know that almost half of the US population lack 20/20 vision?

Whether you are near sighted, far sighted or have perfect vision, caring for your eyes is important. Experts from an eye clinic in Maple Grove, MN agree that to keep your eyes healthy, you need to do these four daily routines to make a difference.

Eat Healthy

Good eye health begins with the basics: your diet. Remember what your mom told you about how carrots can make your eyes healthy? It is true. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale protect your eyes from UV rays. The vitamin A found in orange vegetables like carrots and squash? They are essential in vision too. Omega-3 oils are essential because you need them to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

Regular Eye Exams

Stop postponing your appointments to your eye clinic in Maple Grove, MN. A comprehensive eye exam every two year is important to ensure visual clarity and early detection of eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma.

Quit Smoking

Smoking could damage your optic nerves and cause cataracts and macular degeneration. Kick off the habit if you have been smoking. If not, try to help others succeed in breaking this habit.

Wear Protective Glasses

Shades and sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful UVB and UVA rays that can increase the risk of eye diseases. Goggles and safety glasses can shield your eyes from hazardous materials at work or reduce injuries from sports.

Give Your Eyes Some Rest

Especially when you are staring at a screen for long hours, rest your eyes. Giving it special care can help you see the world with a much brighter perspective.