Can You Use Chewing Gum as Tooth Replacement?

Can You Use Chewing Gum as Tooth Replacement?

colorful gumballsA 56-year-old mother from Essex stunned Twitter after revealing she had been using pieces of chewing gum as a remedy for her missing teeth. The news of Sue’s unique fix spread like wildfire for two reasons: one, it aroused interest, and two, it reflected people’s fear of dental treatment.

The Story of Sue

On Channel 4’s ‘Never Seen a Doctor’, Sue tells presenter Katie Piper that she used coffee-coated gum to evoke a more realistic effect. After perfectly forming the chewing gum, she would place it on top of her rotting teeth.

She spoke candidly about her solution and the reasons why she refused dental care for years; reasons that resonate well with a majority.

When People Say ‘No’ to Dental Care

Most people refuse to visit the local dental practice due to varying reasons. For some, they insist their budgets cannot cover dental costs. Instead of enquiring about the price of dental implants in Croydon or elsewhere in London, they would insist on brushing and flossing as ‘good enough’ practice to cover oral health.

For others, they confess their fear of visiting the dentist. The idea of a surgeon or hygienist working inside of their mouth is enough to stop them from scheduling an appointment.

Sue refused dental care for the second reason. Her crippling fear of the dentist resulted in a severe tooth decay, which then eroded her self-confidence. As a result, she barely left the house and failed to maintain a job.

You Need Expert Help

Sue’s unusual tooth replacement solution may not be your personal course of action, but you may share her anxiety about dental treatment. Refusal to see your dentist may result in more than just severe tooth decay, and a DIY fix may worsen your condition.

For long-term results, it is better to schedule an appointment with your local practice. Dentists focus on providing effective solutions in a safe and comfortable environment. Some may offer payment terms to help you manage the cost.

In the end, Sue agreed to a dental procedure, and now, she has a brilliant smile — without the gum.