3 Top Things About Crowded Teeth You Probably Didn’t Know

3 Top Things About Crowded Teeth You Probably Didn’t Know

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You often hear about dental problems such as missing teeth, discolored teeth, and dental cavities, but how much do you know about crowded teeth? Interestingly, crowded teeth are common — with three out of every four children having it. Many adults also suffer from this problem to the point that they’ll need to undergo treatment. Here are three essential things about crowded teeth you may want to keep in mind.

They’re more than just an aesthetic problem

Crowded teeth can affect your smile. They’re unsightly at best, denting a person’s self-confidence big time. But that’s not where it ends. Crowded teeth are also difficult to access, which makes cleaning each tooth a big challenge. The result could be multiple dental problems including tooth decay, periodontal disease, and jaw problems if you’re not careful. This is why it’s best to schedule a visit to a good dentist for Invisalign in Canton to fix this problem once and for all.

Early intervention is your best course of action

As children are most affected by this problem, it’s essential to take care of it at this stage. Children have a small jaw, which makes it difficult to host all teeth in their proper spaces. The teeth would then stick closer together and result in overcrowding. If you don’t address this issue soon, it becomes aggravated the moment wisdom teeth erupt.

Sometimes, crowded teeth are preventable

While it’s true that natural causes like micrognathia are to blame for small teeth, bad habits are often to blame for the problem. People who do mouth breathing, reverse swallowing, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting may end up with crowded teeth. Avoiding these habits as soon as possible, therefore, is a smart way to prevent this problem.

Crowded teeth can interfere with quality of life, giving you a host of health problems besides affecting your self-confidence. By seeing a reputable dentist and avoiding certain habits, you can make sure that this problem doesn’t keep you down.