Important Checklist for Property Sellers

Important Checklist for Property Sellers

A Property Seller Selling a Property

The anticipation of selling your property in North Shore, Auckland can be overwhelming, especially if you also want to purchase one at the same time.

The real estate choices that you make throughout this will either save you or cost you several thousands of kiwi dollars, notes industry expert Prestige Real Estate International LTD.

To help you out, here is the essential checklist that you need to follow.

Disconnect your feelings

Purchasing a property is usually an emotional choice, but selling your property requires you to remove your feelings from the equation. You have to see your house as a profitable commodity and not a place where you grew up in.

However, you do have to convince other people to view it as their potential house.

First impressions are critical

Ensure that you tidy up the entrance and garden. Finish minor upkeeps, including cracked windows and peeling paint. Clean the cupboards and room to get rid of extra furniture and clutter, so that the rooms look more open.

If it makes your place look better, consider giving away items that you do not use or rent a storage unit for the time being. Ensure that your home sparkles by taking good care of the windows, kitchen and bathroom.

Gather relevant information

This could include plans for improvements, gas and utility bills, mortgage statements, valuation documents, title documents, surveys, as well as, information on upgrades.

Figure out a selling method

Choose between various selling approaches, like a negotiation (private treaty), tender and auction. You can select to have an agency that has several general listings with many companies or one real estate company. Ensure that you look into the REAA Buying and Selling Guide.

Unfortunately, selling your property is not as easy as just sticking a “for sale” signage on your lawn. With the checklist above, you will guarantee that you do not commit any mistakes.