Why a Certification Can Help Boost Your IT Salary

Why a Certification Can Help Boost Your IT Salary

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A job in the Information Technology sector can be rewarding in terms of compensation, as the increasing use of digital technology elicits competition among companies to secure the best talents.

Individuals who consider building a career in IT should also think about obtaining a certification, as this increases the chances of getting a bigger paycheck. Apart from money, being certified makes you a cut above the rest and opens the door for new opportunities, which may be difficult to achieve without a certification.

Certified or Not?

There has been conflicting advice about applying for an IT certification, yet a 2014 research showed that having this can increase your salary by up to 5%. A higher pay isn’t the only benefit for acquiring a certification. Some industries require the applicant to obtain certification before he or she gets the job.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) offers different certifications for a variety of IT roles. Interested applicants should take certification reviews to help them pass the certification exam. They can take practice tests from a practice test provider like CertBlaster.

Job Vacancies

As millions of IT positions are likely to remain vacant by 2024, having a certification presents anyone with an edge over other job seekers. CompTIA said that 1.8 million jobs in the U.S. would remain open due to a lack of skilled workers.

The industry group recognized the inclusion of the CHANCE in Tech Act as a solution to this problem. The proposal aims to support public-private funding for IT apprenticeship initiatives. In lieu of a college degree or advanced training, apprenticeship will equip an aspiring professional with the necessary skills to be efficient in their desired jobs.

An IT certification enhances your credentials, although you should be ready and consider signing up for test reviews if you ever want to achieve your goal of obtaining a higher salary.