Types of Hops According to Origin

Types of Hops According to Origin

beer made from different hops

There are various reasons as to why brewers hunt these vine-grown buds. To start with, hops taste good, and they add the much-needed bitterness to the beer which might turn out to be out of balance or sweet without them.

What is your favorite beer flavor? Is it herbal, pine-like, earthy aromatic or citrusy? Whichever, your preference is, Hop Havoc’s hops offer more than just Citra hops by the pound since they give everything to satisfy everybody’s flavor preference.  However, all hops are not created equally. The flavors and level of bitterness depend on various factors one of them being their origin. That said, here is a breakdown of hops by origin.

Germany and the Czech Republic

These two countries present the hops categorized as Noble hops since they are worthy of the admiration. They come in a wide range of aromas extending from floral and soft aromas to more spicy and earthy options. They are available in types such as Hallertau, Tettnanger, Saaz, and Spalt. These options give you everything from peppery, woodsy, citrusy, zesty and also grassy.


Although they only comprise about one percent of the global production, they have a well segmented global following of loyal users. Most British beers sustain an even balancing between hop flavor and malt. The flavors are minty, lemony, floral, woodsy, or tea-like. You will taste them mostly in British beers or the various spin-offs made around the world. They include Golding, Northern Brewer, Challenger, and Fuggle.

The United States

These are the most popular hops around the world, due to the intense and bold citrusy flavor they add to your beer. Other American flavors include floral, woodsy, stone fruity, and pine-like aromas. Their hops include Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus,

Some other popular origins not covered in this article but worth mentioning include additional European countries, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Just like food, beers made from a single flavor line are hard to come by. Therefore, multiple varieties of hops are used to bring about a satisfactory depth of flavor. As such, if you want to experience a specific single flavor, you can brew the beer yourself.