Five Tips on Teaching Your Child to Speak Spanish

Five Tips on Teaching Your Child to Speak Spanish

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easy spanish course“No hablo Español” is a popular Spanish phrase people across the globe know about – next to “te amo.” In a world where over 390 million people speak the language, many parents recognize the importance of teaching their kids Spanish. For some, knowing a second language gives them a head start in life. For others, it’s a good way of exposing their kids to other cultures.

Apart from enrolling your children to an easy and fun Spanish course, here are some tips on learning a second language:

Start Early

Experts say the best time to teach your kids another language is when they’re learning their primary one. During their first few years, they’re not only improving their vocabularies. It’s at this stage that they also start recognizing speech patterns. The earlier you introduce another language, the easier it will be for your child to distinguish its unique sounds.

Focus on one Word a Day

In a Spanish course made easy for kids, instructors teach words one at a time until the students understand them fully. Help your children remember their lessons by using these words at home. For parents who want to teach kids Spanish on their own, think about introducing one word per day. Once your kids understand the meaning and usage of a word, it’s your cue to move on to a new word.

Create a Relaxed Learning Atmosphere

Young kids learn through play. Make learning Spanish fun at home by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Let them watch television shows and listen to music in Spanish. Watch and sing along with them. Your kids may only catch a few words, but letting them appreciate the language will help them speak it properly as they grow older.

Let Them Join a Bilingual Playgroup

Giving your kids the chance to use Spanish outside of your home is a good reinforcement. Sign them up for a bilingual playgroup to give them a chance to practice what they have already learned. Furthermore, it will give them the opportunity to meet kids with a good grasp of the language, who can help them learn Spanish better.

Help your kids appreciate the beauty of other cultures. Start them early by teaching them a second language.