Why UK Retailers Should Focus More on E-Commerce for the 2018 Holidays

Why UK Retailers Should Focus More on E-Commerce for the 2018 Holidays

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Better customer experience will be the key for U.K. retailers to make the most of this year’s holiday sales, as most transactions will be derived from online retail. A company’s e-commerce website can play a big role in increasing the sales of a brand.

If you’re looking for efficient website design, Bromley-based companies may charge a lower rate than others in Greater London. Your website’s layout should be optimised for different channels, particularly for mobile devices.

Mobile Optimisation

A report showed that the average Briton spends at least three hours on the phone each day, which means there is a lot of potential for targeting sales leads. The odds are more favourable when it comes to millennials, as they use mobile phones for more than six hours a day.

Despite the difference in the frequency of using smartphones, almost every consumer in the country dislikes ads. An estimated 90 per cent of the report’s respondents revealed that people who watch TV will choose to avoid seeing commercials. Your website design should reflect this preference, so it is important to find an online marketing company that could strike a balance between proper ad placement and consumer engagement.

Online Retail Sales

Many U.K. retailers picked up on some pre-Christmas holidays in the U.S., including the Black Friday event on Nov. 23, for this year. If the report’s estimate becomes true, shoppers would spend twice the amount compared to 2017.

The bigger spending bodes well for businesses, but not all would benefit from it without an effective marketing strategy. Your aggressiveness to improve your e-commerce operations would partly reflect revenues for the holiday season. Huge discounts no longer cut it for many consumers, some of whom prefer timely deliveries and free shipping.

As e-commerce stands to capture a majority of business for the holidays, retailers need to know how to get the attention of consumers. It does not end there since the competition will require you to make sure they come back to buy your products.