Understanding the Different Applications of NFC

Understanding the Different Applications of NFC

man using his card in an online purchase

You have probably heard about NFC many times already, but do you know what it is and its significance? NFC or near field communication refers to a technology that allows devices to 'communicate' within a minimal distance. It works more like Bluetooth but within a much shorter range, say 10 centimetres. One big advantage of this technology is that it uses less power, and so, there are diverse applications.

The three modes that NFC uses to operate include:


This applies when you want to transfer data between two NFC-enabled devices.

Card Emulation

You need to make your NFC node into a card that can enable transactions wirelessly when held against an NFC reader.

Read or Write

This enables one device to get information from another device that is in passive mode.

Some of the uses of the NFC products you can order online include:

Wireless Keys

Too lazy to open your door with a key? Simply wave an NFC key at your door, and gain access to your home. You can also use the keys to secure essential documents in a safe.

Wireless Wallet

You can make fast purchases on electronics, food items or household goods with an NFC-enabled phone. It is easy to track your wireless wallet transactions and minimises the chances of fraud.

File Sharing

NFC-based devices allow you to share images, documents or any files faster than any application in the market.

Pairing Devices through Bluetooth

When you have an NFC phone, you can connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device through simple tapping.

Sourcing Information

You can get information from any banner when you swipe your phone near the banner. The extraction works in an almost similar manner as the QR codes on products.

There is indeed no limit to the number of things you can accomplish with NFC products.