The System that Never Sleeps: CMMS

The System that Never Sleeps: CMMS


CMMSYou need to keep your computers running all the time to service your employees and clients. But computers do not have a lifetime warranty. Soon they would breakdown, but we can’t let this happen. Will the world suddenly stop using cellphones because their telecommunications networks are down? What about the Internet, which almost everybody uses? Or something so basic like water and electricity?

These are just a few examples of services that need computers to be active all the time. When businesses do nothing to keep track of computers that need to be active 24/7, people will not only suffer but the economy would likewise lose millions of revenues.

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Thankfully, a software or online service can keep track of maintenance and repair schedules of your assets. But, since a computer is a versatile appliance, it can use a database to store contact details of your staff and your clients as well.

What is a CMMS for?

CMMS schedules maintenance and repair schedules of your technicians. A CMMS features an interactive calendar, therefore it can alert your technicians when to do their jobs. This means that if there is any problem with any of your assets, the computer will log it, and the same is true if you need to upgrade your assets or buy a new one.

This is also minimises theft as your computer can record a list of your assets together with their serial numbers.


The CMMS does not only provide schedule for your technicians. It can accommodate all the schedules of your staff. As a result, everybody knows what to do at a certain calendar date and time frame.

To keep your clients happy, keep your computer literally awake at all times. You can also protect your millions’ worth of assets simply by keeping a record of them in your CMMS. It’s a win-win situation in all aspects.