A Guide to a Successful Trunk Show or Pop-up Store

A Guide to a Successful Trunk Show or Pop-up Store

Person Exploring Online Store

Although online shopping is here to stay, people still love an immersive retail experience of a brick and mortar store from time to time. But you don’t need to invest and commit to a brick and mortar setup especially since it would require a substantial amount of to start. Just throw a trunk show or a limited time pop-up store. It’s a good way to get to know loyal clients and find new ones and build awareness of your online brand.

Here’s a compact guide to help you plan your trunk show or pop-up store.

Plan Your Logistics

Prepare everything you need from ingress to egress. Plan out how to transport your inventory and equipment. Prepare mobile storage shelving to keep the space neat and uncluttered. Seek assistance from companies like Shelving Shop Group for this. Prepare lighting units as well to highlight your goods in case the available lighting in the venue is inadequate. Lastly, print out business cards to distribute to new clients to direct them to your online store.

Curate Your Inventory

You don’t need to bring your whole inventory out. Select the bestsellers to draw the crowd in. Take advantage of the clients’ impulse buying urges and make sure you’re adequately stocked. Bring out some of your slow-moving inventory and highlight them with a well-thought-out display plan. You can also bundle your slow-moving inventory with promotions limited to the trunk show or pop-up store to drive up interest.

Create Buzz around the Event

Announce the details around your planned trunk show or pop-up store event early on your social media platforms. Prepare a short write-up of your planned event and send to local publications of the area where you plan to set up shop. You can employ some guerrilla marketing with some printed fliers as the date approaches.

With this guide, you can plan a successful trunk show or pop-up show to boost your online business.