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Simple Hacks to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

You might not be aware of the fact that air pollution is not something that is limited to the outdoors. The truth is, indoor air quality — yes, even in your own home — can be tainted with pollutants such as lead, retardants, dust mites, and the like. These can come from ordinary cleaning materials

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Stained Carpets: The Causes of Hard-to-Remove Stains

Carpeted flooring is a sign of luxury and comfort. Not many people may afford their whole living space with carpets. Others may not want to have this type of flooring because it is difficult to clean. This is true as you cannot just simply use anything when you end up spilling something on your floor.

The Role of Cold Chain in Food Safety Transport

The success of ensuring quality and integrity of food products greatly depends on cold chain technology. Business and industries involved in food production need to follow high stands to improve food safety and reduce foodborne illnesses. According to the Food Safety Magazine, ensuring protection involves protecting food from accidental food contamination and saving products from

Bad Hair Day

Stop Creating Your Own Bad Hair Day with These Bad Hair Myths

No matter how frequent you visit the salon for hot oil or hair spa, you are still prone to having damaged hair. Other than using hair styling products and exposure to harsh radiation from the sun, you may have habits that you never knew are damaging your hair. Here are six bad hair habits that


Do You Need Financial Help for You and Your Unborn Baby? Consider These

For a lot of women, an unplanned pregnancy and the costs associated with it can be downright overwhelming. Unfortunately, while the federal government offers pregnancy financial assistance, not all can easily qualify for them. Don’t fret — there are other sources of financial aid to get you through these trying times. Financial Aid from Charitable


Decorating Your Backyard the Easy Way

As a homeowner, it is up to you to improve the look of your house, whether indoors or outdoors. Following your design vision is easy, as long as you are sure of the look you want and you keep to a budget. After spending a lot of time sprucing up the interiors, it’s time to

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All Single Moms Can Put A Stop to Home Security Fears

Taking on the role of father to your kids proves to be one of the hardest challenges a single mother needs to face.  Apart from the menial work of household repairs, you also carry the load of ensuring home security. This may seem daunting at first, but ensuring the safety of your household does not


Brunching: The Trend that’s Still Alive in Australia

You’ve seen them on trendy spots in Perth with hardwood flooring, sophisticated decor and an indoor-outdoor design. The long queue of brunch-goers line pavements every day. These are young mothers or hungover party goers eager to order their orange juice and caprese salad before lunch. Somewhere on the other side of town are those who

Oil Collection Services

Doing the Right Thing is Easy: Helping the Environment Through Used Oil Collection Services

New Zealanders use about 30 million litres of oil every year. But, the collection for reuse is only for 11 million litres of used oil. Used oil is toxic to the environment when it is not properly disposed of, so the missing 19 million litres of used oil are definitely a major concern. As a

women technologists

To Make IT Work, More Women Should Participate

For the most part, women have been on the sidelines. History has given them a secondary role. A quick glance at the list of the world’s leaders confirms this. The seats of power are overwhelmingly the territory of the male species. Slowly, however, more and more women have risen to leadership roles. They’ve shown that