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Keeping Up with the Big Boys: Market Your Way to Success

Many of today’s popular brands are dominating their respective niche in the search landscape. While a big budget plays a role in their marketing efforts, their success mostly lies in the different strategies they use to stay ahead of their competitors. Like big brands, you can also rise in the ranks and establish a strong

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Marketing Tips: 3 Things to Remember When Updating Your Company Logo

Your logo symbolises your relationship with the customers. It represents your business’s identity and edge over the competition. It pays to note that any changes in the design of your logo may either attract or turn away existing and potential clients. Careful planning and implementation is necessary to ensure positive results. A reliable and experienced

Starbucks To Focus On Chain Rewards And Digital Projects

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz plans to spend more time in developing the coffee chain’s reward programs, mobile payments, and digital efforts of growing importance. The New Plan Shultz announced his plan after Starbucks noted a “seismic” shift last week to online shopping in the past holiday season. Executives said fewer customers milling about at malls

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KPIs of Content Marketing You Should Watch

Since the roll out of Google’s numerous algorithm updates, many have become fans of content marketing. The value of this practice, however, goes beyond being a part of an effective SEO strategy. If done correctly, content marketing can be its own channel for ROI. Fortunately, there are key performance indicators (KPIs) you can check to

Burberry Sees Strong Growth In Asia

UK luxury fashion retailer Burberry said that retail revenue rose 14% in the third quarter, as the company continues to be driven by Asia, its online business, and outerwear and large leather product sales. Strong revenue growth According to outgoing chief executive Angela Ahrendts, a 12% strong increase in comparable sales was “in line with


Picture Perfect: Creating Interactive and Effective Infographics

Infographics are everywhere these days, and cover everything from superheroes and medical bulletins to typography. More and more people are drawn to these visual projects not just because of the easy-to-understand information, but also the interactivity. From knowing your audience to animating using Adobe After Effects templates, here are some tips to creating a truly

Countries Where Salaries Are Soaring

In 2014, salaries in the United States will increase by about 1.5% after adjusting for inflation, according to estimates. In some parts of the world, salaries will grow at double this rate, while in several states, even more. The following are some countries with an estimated 3% or more real salary growth. Ukraine The country

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Web Essentials: Video Production

Online videos are among the fastest growing information mediums in the world today. The success of the world’s premier video sharing website, YouTube, is a testament to its effectiveness. More companies are realising that static text and graphics aren’t enough to convince consumers to try their service or products. If you haven’t already tapped a

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A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Website Traffic

It’s no surprise that most businesses today have their own website. With the vast majority of people relying on the Internet, a single click can lead businesses to their future customers. Other than setting up a site, its appearance should also look presentable. This way, visitors will be encouraged to browse through and eventually buy

Hottest Advertising Trends of the Year

Advertising agencies are on an ongoing quest to engage consumers. They want their target market to look and listen their way through strategic advertising that encourages consumers to respond with a product purchase. With the onset of every new year, fresh advertising trends start to emerge. This year’s marketing trends are technological in nature, with