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Make Your Business Locally Famous with These Simple but Effective Tricks

As a business owner in Utah, you know how important it is to promote your company to your largest customer base to get a foothold on the market. If your clients are local, making yourself famous to the local population is all the more essential. The following marketing tricks will help you attract more local

You Only Have Less Than 3 Seconds to Wow Your Site Visitors

No matter the industry category your brand belongs in, you need to establish a website for it, or you run the risk of losing your market share. Keep in mind that a huge percentage of South Dakota’s population rely on the World Wide Web to look up businesses, so not having an online presence can

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3 Ways for Business Owners to Grow their Online Audience

Going online is necessary for all businesses—not only will it make your brand more accessible, it will grow your business and audience online. There are countless of ways to reach more people to grow your audience, especially online. shares the must-dos for your business to grow its audience online. #1 Get Into Digital Marketing

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For Emergency Use Only: How Life Insurance Works

There are different kinds of insurance, but they basically have the same function. This legal document enables you to protect your assets and yourself. Life insurance, in particular, gives you peace of mind from the many threats in life. By paying slated premiums, you get the insurance provider to pay out if something wrong happens.

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The Fog Surrounding SEO

It may not register with most people, but SEO is a huge and still growing industry, with thousands of people performing different jobs to make the whole thing work. There’s not much that’s universally known about SEO, other than it’s a marketing strategy for the Internet. This causes many industries to disagree on the effectiveness

Metaphor in Advertising

Metaphor: An Important Advertising Language

In the world of business, advertising is an important art of conveying messages. As it’s defined as an art, practitioners have come up with different techniques and methods to get the message across. One of the most popular practices is the use of figures of speech. Of all the figures of speeches, perhaps metaphors are


Taming the Giant: Google Realities You Must Confront

Sailing the treacherous waters of Australian SEO means one thing: you’ll have to deal with Google. For starters, the “search giant” holds more than 66% of the entire search engine market share worldwide, especially in the Land Down Under with approximately 94%. Bing, its fiercest rival, is actually not that fierce with just over 10%.

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Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation

The Internet is a powerful tool. It can help any small business reach a wider audience and bring in substantial leads. But if you are not vigilant, it could also cost you potential customers. Studies show that consumers are easily affected by negative reviews and opinions posted online. Now, before you end up in a

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How Do You Do Local SEO for Multi-Location Pages?

The rollout of another algorithm in July –which Search Engine Journal (unofficially) named “Pigeon” – is proof enough that local business listings matter to Google. For site owners, this is another clear sign of the significance of high rankings in local pages. That part of local SEO is clear. Nonetheless, there is still one area


Ways to Make Your Online Content Work for You

That quality content drives traffic to your site is a given fact. What most businesses do not know is that SEO is not just about ranking. You have to make content for your brand so that it reaches various platforms and wider readership. According to, many SEO firms today focus on a select number