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Apple Releases Update For OS X Security Issue

Apple has rolled out an update to a flaw in its OS X operating system that opened users to security breaches while surfing the Web. Security fix Recently, Apple used its software update service to release a fix that protects users from attackers that might capture and/or modify data. At first, it was limited to

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Achieving Top Rankings: Content Factors to Consider

Website owners often look for different ways to achieve top rankings. The solution involves winning at search marketing and other areas. These other areas include content marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, and other niches online. Even though many white label SEO resellers clarify that you can’t guarantee top rankings, there are ways around this.

Valve Under Fire For Anti-Cheating Tool

Game developer Valve is facing a dispute over the software it uses to collect data it gathers from players designed to prevent cheating their games. Reverse-engineering The flak began from social news site Reddit after a user under the name the only bond reverse-engineered Valve’s Anti-Cheating software. The Redditor posted screenshots of data that the

Pirate Bay Case Reaches Supreme Court Again

Former The Pirate Bay spokesperson Peter Sunde will file a new appeal at the Swedish Supreme Court in the hopes that the Court will finally rule that he cannot be held responsible for copyright infringements that the users of the peer-to-peer site committed. ‘I should win this case’ Sunde enlisted the help of several law

US President Barack Obama To Visit East Asia In April

U.S. President Barack Obama is planning to visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines in April amid security tensions. ‘Increase US engagement’ The visit has been on the drawingboards for months after the president cancelled a planned Asia trip last October due to the U.S. government shutdown. In a statement, the White House said:

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The 3 Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Durability, power, and bass response are important when choosing an outdoor wireless speaker. Based on these attributes, here are the best speakers in the market today: Big Jambox With the Big Jambox, the best features of the original from Jawbone have been upgraded to a larger size and sound. The Big Jambox features precision-tuned drivers,

Leaked Call Between Diplomats Shames US

A bugged phone conversation about a US diplomat disparaging the EU regarding the Ukraine crisis made rounds online. ‘Maidan’s puppets’ The alleged conversation involved Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. The phone call, titled “Maidan’s puppets,” appeared on YouTube on Thursday, February 6. The two officials discussed the

A Training Guide for Using Video Collaboration

Video conferencing or collaboration is a tool businesses use to add a personal touch to meetings. The video component of professional video conferencing services enhances the ability of businesses to communicate globally and in real time. It allows companies to hear and see other people and places. Prior to using video collaboration, proper training is

Instagram Now The World’s Fastest Growing Social Network

Facebook is still the world’s most popular social networking site, but the photo-sharing website Instagram, which Facebook owns, is now the fastest growing network globally. Fast Growers Instagram topped the list of social networks ranked in terms of growth, after its number of users grew 23 percent in the second half of 2013, according to

Arctic Sea Ice Cracks Become New Source Of Mercury Pollution

The cracks in the Arctic sea ice may be doing more than just helping in global warming and raising sea levels, as a new research published January 15 says tiny tempests above the cracks in Arctic sea ice help pull down toxic mercury and ozone from the sky, becoming an unexpected new source of mercury