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office space

Your Startup’s First Office

A garage, a basement cramped up with oddities, or a study—these are only some of the places that may come to mind when talking about startup offices. While there’s nothing wrong conducting a business in these places, there will come a time when you have to move to a bigger and better office. Just take

Holding Hands

Wedding Hacks: Making Your Special Day Even More Magical

Your wedding is a beautiful event you and your spouse will look back at for the years to come.Making it memorable, however, requires careful planning, which is an entirely different story.As a groom, you might find it more challenging than planning how to pop the question to your would-be fiancé. When it comes to making

Hiroshima Bombing

Remembering Survivors: Hiroshima Artworks to be Available to Public

The paintings and drawings created by those who survived the 1945 atomic bomb in Hiroshima is about to go on a show outside of Japan for the first time. The Horrors of Hiroshima The twelve paintings and drawings feature terrible scenes depicted from August 6 1945, when Hiroshima was the first Japanese city to experience

house renovation

4 Things You Should Never Think or Do Before Renovating Your Home

Whether you want to add rooms, upgrade your materials, or add more functionality, renovating your home may be in your near future. Diving into the world of renovation presents a lot of options you have never really thought about,so take a step back before you get started. Here is a list of the things you

web design

Why Web Design is 90% Typography

Nobody can overemphasise the importance of typography to your site. It’s so basic, yet extremely vital. The type is usually underrated by many designers because of its fundamental nature. In some cases, you’d only fully realise the font used for your text is bad until you notice your web traffic won’t seem to improve. Even


Show Me the Money: Blog Monetization Strategies

Monetizing your website or blog starts with creating quality content that will interest readers from far and wide. Consistently outstanding and relevant content is what you need if you are looking to earn money. Content marketing experts like and suggest working on the quality of your content first to attract visitors. Then, you

nudge bar

The Secret Origin of the Nudge Bar

There are two things that can never be lost from the front of a truck, and those are nudge and roo bars. There’s a subtle and not-so subtle difference between the two, making the distinction necessary. explained it best: nudge bars are smaller than roo bars. That’s not the end of it, though; the

Black Market Ticket Probe: World Cup Official Arrested

The chief executive of a FIFA partner company, Ray Whelan, has been arrested as part of a Brazilian police investigation into illegal World Cup ticket sales. Illegal resale Whelan from Match Hospitality was arrested at a hotel where senior FIFA officials are staying during the well-known competition. Reselling World Cup tickets for profit is against

Gaming Console War: Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo After Eight Years

Sony has sold more games console than Nintendo for the first time in eight years, as the PlayStation 4 continues to lead the worldwide console battle. Strong performance The tech company’s victory was expected after the success of PS 4 and the disappointing sales of Nintendo’s newest product, Wii U. Sony apparently sold 18.7 million

Apple-Samsung logos

Patent Wars: Three Takeaways from the Apple-Samsung Legal Cases

Tech giants Apple and Samsung are in a number of legal battles around the world. This seemingly never-ending series of legal battles over patent infringements is taking the spotlight in the world of smartphones and other gadgets, as each side is winning a few rounds. Aside from giving Apple, Samsung, and smartphone fans the thrill