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Chemist in protective suit the disposal of radio active waste

What Happened During the Cold War?

Not all battles have winners and bloodshed. An example is the cold war. It is a term that correctly characterized the growing tension between Russia and the United States for years beginning with the end of World War II. What Happened? The United States and Russia worked together during the Second World War as allies.

Elderly Couple Bonding with a Young Family

Things You Can Do With Your Elderly Parents

Many people want to find a way to thank their parents but sometimes find it difficult to do so. However, there are many things you can do to express how much you adore and cherish them. Here are some ways to express your love to your aging parents. 1. Enroll them for assisted living services.

4 Mistakes That People Make in Marriage

All marriages face challenges. After all, there isn’t such thing as a perfect spouse. Some of the disagreements that couples have are quite healthy for the marriage, as LifeCraft Counseling LLC or any counseling services specialist in Denver will tell you. However, when one or both partners repeatedly make the same mistakes, there can be a rift between them that might become

What Flexible Work Arrangements Mean For Your Business

Studies have shown that a flexible work schedule can help improve employee productivity, engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. Is your organization ready to offer this type of work benefit? Here are some of the things you should do before you get started. Investment in a secure network If you offer flexible work schedules for your employees,

Looking for Home Financing? A Comparison Between Traditional & Construction Loans

Are you stranded finding funds for your home? Don’t worry. There are many financing options to help you, like mortgage loan types. Some of these are efficient while you’re buying a house, but if you need to build one, a construction loan is a much better option for you. A construction loan is an interim

3 Upgrades that will Pay Off When You’re Selling Your Home

When you’re about to resell your home, you may need to do some home improvement projects to get rid of the damages and try to increase its resell value. This way, you can increase your return-on-investment and get the most cash for your home. Buyers can negotiate a smaller fee for your house if they see damages.

Diamonds: The Marker of Value

Having a diamond is equated to prestige and luxury. For many centuries, its characteristics – brilliance, lasting shine and incessant value – it has become one of the symbols of wealth and affluence. Once you own a diamond, you are never just a regular joe. Diamonds give a person a sense of superiority, sometimes undeservedly.

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Perth Mint Australian Silver Coins You Should Add to Your Collection

The Britain Royal Mint established a third branch in Perth, Australia to strengthen their connections with precious metal consumers worldwide. When the Melbourne and Sydney branches stopped operations, The Perth Mint became the oldest currently operating mint nationwide. Established in 1899, it played a major role in developing the gold industry of Western Australia. Whether

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Your Startup’s First Office

A garage, a basement cramped up with oddities, or a study—these are only some of the places that may come to mind when talking about startup offices. While there’s nothing wrong conducting a business in these places, there will come a time when you have to move to a bigger and better office. Just take

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Wedding Hacks: Making Your Special Day Even More Magical

Your wedding is a beautiful event you and your spouse will look back at for the years to come.Making it memorable, however, requires careful planning, which is an entirely different story.As a groom, you might find it more challenging than planning how to pop the question to your would-be fiancé. When it comes to making