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Another Private Company Zooms To The ISS

A commercial cargo ship belonging to the Oriental Sciences Corp. successfully rocketed towards the International Space Station on Wednesday making it the second of NASA’s private suppliers for the orbiting laboratory. Look out ISS, here we come! Orbital Sciences, a Virginia-based company, launched its first-ever space supply ship from the Virginia Eastern Shore which was

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SEO Quick Fixes: Small Things Local Businesses Can Do to Boost their SEO

As Google continues to make significant changes, search marketers need to be savvy in implementing online strategies. These online strategies call for substantial effort, but small wins can also go a long way when it comes to adding as much value for users. All it takes is smart planning to develop a solid online strategy.

Audio and Video Editing Software: Video Production Made Easy

Videos continue to grow in popularity these days, especially as people today are more of the visual kind. Making these audio-visual masterpieces is now made even easier thanks to the advancements in technology. Anyone can now easily edit audio and video files, and come up with a professional-looking video. Even without a lot of editing

4 Free Software Downloads for Small Businesses

Whoever said nothing in life is free didn’t browse online. It turns out there’s a range of free tools out there to take your business off ground. You need to bootstrap and find free resources wherever you can get them. An access to free tools, like LibreOffice, means you can take the money you’d otherwise

Facebook Says Governments Demanded 38K Users’ Data

Facebook said on Tuesday that government agents in as many as 74 countries demanded the data of 38000 users of the social media site in the first half of the year. The company added that more than half of the orders came from the United States’ authorities. Facebook – A Boon or a Bane? Facebook

Keyword Research: What’s Behind Those Search Results?

If there’s one concept behind the success of many online businesses, it’s keyword research. Every day, millions of Internet users look for a specific product, and they conduct each search with a certain keyword. But how will you lead customers to your business? Before you work with professionals offering local SEO in Manchester, here are

What is a Data Center Colocation Facility?

A data center colocation is a secure, environmentally controlled site that performs all-day monitoring without power supply interruptions. They take company data and keep them in an off-site location. There are two reasons businesses need and use this facility: 1. The business receives a continuous access to the bandwidth they get. It allows them to

Brightening Up Your Home

No one wants to enter a dark and boring home. Not that it only makes the room look sad, but it also affects the person’s overall mood. If your house fits the description, it is now the right time to brighten it up. A bright home wakes up your home and lifts your spirits. It

How To Hack An iPhone? Do It Through The Charger

Apple, Inc. takes pride that their products are safe from viruses, spam, and other harmful threats. But this has been debunked due to the diligence of a research team from Georgia Tech. A team led by Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang and Chengyu Song say that Apple’s defenses can be infiltrated through a malicious charger. “The

Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 87th Birthday, Duchess Of Cambridge Shows Off Baby Bump

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 87th birthday with little fanfare last Sunday, April 21, 2013, where she spent the day in private while Prince William’s wife, Catherine, was proudly showing off her baby bump. This year’s birthday celebrations is a special and eventful one for the monarch as she will mark the 60th