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Bidding Stretch Marks Goodbye: Your Top Options

Stretch marks are a natural occurrence, albeit a sad one. Although the news is frustrating, there really aren’t a lot of options to deal with something that happens naturally. There are many factors that cause stretch marks. But, talking about its causes is moot. For most people, the issue now is how to get rid

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The Link between Acidity and Overall Health

It’s amazing how the body functions. Cells, tissues, and organs work together to maintain equilibrium and optimum health. What you eat and drink, however, greatly affects your system in many ways. Your body’s pH level, for example, depends on what you do and what you put into your mouth. Maintaining alkalinity(pH level of 7.4) is

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Mommy Makeover with No Regrets: Post-Operative Care and Tips to Love the New You

Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting journey. Women experience many changes, especially with their bodies. It’s true that every pregnancy is different. Some women are proud of their bodies after giving birth. Others, however, find it difficult to accept their new look — sagging breasts, bulging tummy, and unsightly fat in the thighs. If you’re

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A Battle Against Fast-Paced, Chaotic Lifestyles: What You Should Do for Better Digestion

In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to rush everything. Many people work too much they already overlook their bodies. In fact, most of us have no time to exercise, sleep enough and eat properly. All these lead to stressful living and unhealthy digestion. Need a boost to your digestive health? It only takes a few

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Why Pets Need Their Own Turf

Animal experts always tell pet owners that all animals need their own space, but still not many tell owners to give their pets their own turf, as in artificial grass. They note that animals do adapt better to the outdoors than people, and it’s their natural environment. It’s true that animals are well adapted to

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Keeping the Weight off: Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance

The majority of people who go on diets and do not maintain it usually regain any weight they lost in just a few months. According to studies, unrealistic diet programs that are not sustainable and bad habits are the culprits behind regained pounds. If your weight is up again, it is time to make some

medical waste

5 of the Most Dangerous Medical Waste

The healthcare industry promotes good health and saves lives. But what about the infectious wastes and by-products they generate? The industry produces 80% general waste. The remaining 20% is hazardous waste that may be infectious or radioactive. Whether it’s used syringes, live vaccines, blood samples, or disposable gloves, medical waste maycontain many types of diseases

water pollution

Drink Safe, Bathe Safe: Preventing Water Contamination at Home

Reports have shown how the Australian waters have thousands of tiny plastic pollutants that threaten the balance of the ecosystem. Although the repercussions are quite severe, some still fail to grasp the gravity of water pollution. This phenomenon doesn’t only endanger the lives of sea creatures, it also poses a threat to humans. Australia is

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Listen to Your Hair: What Your Hair is Saying about Your Health

Just like your eyes, skin, and nails, your hair is an extension of your body that can give information about your overall health. According to experts, the health of your hair and scalp can be an indicator of a variety of medical conditions or other health problems. Use this guide to know what your hair

Confidence is the New Sexy

Confidence is what makes a woman sexy. She projects self-assurance and contentment. stands tall, proud and carries herself well. She easily engages in conversation, which is why people easily get attracted to her. A confident woman may display that she is beautiful, smart and trustworthy, but what really makes her attractive? Shows a captivating smile