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Little Girl Eats Vegetable Salad

What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Vegetables

For some parents, encouraging their kids to eat vegetables can be a big challenge. It is common for children to hate veggies or just refuse to eat them. The sad part is, most of them usually like sweets and other unhealthy food choices. If this the same for you and your little one, don’t lose

Boy Brushing Teeth

Your Baby Has Gray Teeth, But Should You Panic?

Many times, parents notice that their baby has gotten gray stains on their white teeth overnight. This could happen to the front or back teeth, too. There are many reasons this can happen, but do not panic and assume that your child will soon have decayed teeth, become toothless, and get taunted by their peers soon. None

Those Free Weights in the Gym House 362x More Bacteria on a Toilet Seat

No gym is ever complete without the free weights, kettle bells, and treadmill. From weights to cardio, gyms provide people with a wealth of equipment that burns excess fat, builds muscle, and boosts fitness levels. But according to a recent analysis of bacteria found in gyms, members may be getting more than they bargain for when they

Look Much Younger with These Three Easy Steps

You cannot fight your age. You cannot turn back time. And admit it, there are times when you think that you look younger than your age. This insecurity is just normal. You may be finding ways to combat your age, but some of them may not be effective, thus rendering your efforts as an exercise

Unhealthy Teeth? Run to Your Dentist Now

You may have neglected your dental health for some time now. Now that you are a professional, it would be best to take care of your smile. It is one of your assets and, as such, it needs protecting. Not only will it promote good oral health, but you would also avoid the undesirable effects

Treatment for Anorexia: What Does it Involve?

With complex disorders like anorexia, treatment should not solely focus on achieving the ideal body weight. The approach should be holistic, involving a medical team with a primary care physician, a dietician, and a therapist. The goals are to achieve the healthy weight, resolve emotional issues, and help the patient develop behavioral changes for the long-term. Anorexia

Eye Surgery

Is LASIK Eye Surgery the Best Option for You?

After 18 years, LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) remains a highly recommended, effective and safe corrective procedure for the eyes. Although there are long-term issues observed in some cases, the overall prognosis of patients is favourable. This is evident with the current status of people who were first to undergo the procedure almost two decades


Achieving that Perfect Skin: A Guide for Older Women

Most women dream of having the perfect skin: smooth and blemish-free. As people grow older, that once perfect skin that you had as a baby takes a downhill turn. Pimples start appearing, wrinkles increase, and that once healthy glow starts losing its vigor. Thankfully, there are measures that you can do to regain the former

Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping Your New Year’s Promise Intact with Nutrition

The official start of the New Year remains one of the most highly anticipated events. Different cultures celebrate it at their own fashion. Billions of dollars are spent to commemorate the year that has just ended and to look forward to what the New Year has in store. It is during this part of the


Ancient Treatments That Are Still Relevant Today

The 1992 movie Once Upon A Time in China 2 features Jet Li as the character Wong-Fei Hung, a Chinese doctor. In one particular scene, he gives a lecture in a meeting attended by eastern and western doctors and gains everyone’s admiration by doing a demonstration on acupuncture. Featuring elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)