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Keeping the Weight off: Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance

The majority of people who go on diets and do not maintain it usually regain any weight they lost in just a few months. According to studies, unrealistic diet programs that are not sustainable and bad habits are the culprits behind regained pounds. If your weight is up again, it is time to make some

medical waste

5 of the Most Dangerous Medical Waste

The healthcare industry promotes good health and saves lives. But what about the infectious wastes and by-products they generate? The industry produces 80% general waste. The remaining 20% is hazardous waste that may be infectious or radioactive. Whether it’s used syringes, live vaccines, blood samples, or disposable gloves, medical waste maycontain many types of diseases

water pollution

Drink Safe, Bathe Safe: Preventing Water Contamination at Home

Reports have shown how the Australian waters have thousands of tiny plastic pollutants that threaten the balance of the ecosystem. Although the repercussions are quite severe, some still fail to grasp the gravity of water pollution. This phenomenon doesn’t only endanger the lives of sea creatures, it also poses a threat to humans. Australia is

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Listen to Your Hair: What Your Hair is Saying about Your Health

Just like your eyes, skin, and nails, your hair is an extension of your body that can give information about your overall health. According to experts, the health of your hair and scalp can be an indicator of a variety of medical conditions or other health problems. Use this guide to know what your hair

Confidence is the New Sexy

Confidence is what makes a woman sexy. She projects self-assurance and contentment. stands tall, proud and carries herself well. She easily engages in conversation, which is why people easily get attracted to her. A confident woman may display that she is beautiful, smart and trustworthy, but what really makes her attractive? Shows a captivating smile


Dental Fix: How Dentists Can Solve Your Teeth Problems Fast

The appearance of the teeth can give an overall impression. It makes people strive to achieve a perfect look. Due to inborn features and wear, however, the teeth may not look nearly as good as what many dream of having. Fortunately, dentists are discovering ways to improve different tooth problems. If you have the following,

Heavily pregnant

Tokophobia: Coping Up with Pregnancy Labour Fears

According to the president of Lamaze International, Tara Owens Shuler, media often exaggerates giving birth to the point that pregnant women see labour as something fearful and harmful. They develop fears that they shouldn’t be highly concerned about. It’s true that labour isn’t easy, but there are things you can do to ease all the

undergoing cosmetic surgery

Life after Liposuction: What You Should Know and Do

The most difficult part of undergoing liposuction isn’t actually the surgery or the post-operative discomfort. As many patients have come to discover, the challenge is in maintaining your physique after treatment. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Newcastle, Albury, Armidale, and other parts of New South Wales. In fact, it

tooth loss

The Tooth Hurts: Common Causes of Tooth Loss

While teeth are the hardest part of the human body, they can still break and fall out. Tooth loss is common but it doesn’t happen without reason. Most people who lose teeth could have prevented that from happening. There are different ways you could lose a tooth. Here are a few of them: Tooth Decay

drug abuse

Different Environments for Drug Abuse Recovery

Substance abuse is a plague prevalent in society. As it will only cause the user more harm than good in the long run, treatment is the key to help drug dependents get back on their feet and recover from their addiction. Drug abusers need the perfect environment to kick their bad habit successfully, which is