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3 Myths about Jewelry Loans That Couldn’t Be More Wrong

There’s no questioning the popularity — and relevance — of jewelry loans. Pawnshops may have been around for centuries, but their comeback as one of today’s more preferred lending facilities could never be more perfect, as Americans are dying for non-predatory financial products. At a glance, jewelry loans are similar to other sources of instant

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Why You Should Allocate a Portion of Your Budget for Employee Training

It keeps getting repeated like a broken record, but not everybody listens to it: Training is a vital part of any business’s operations. As a matter of fact, no matter what field you’re in, you’ll find that training not only makes a difference, but is also an actual requirement. Whether you’re a chef at a


Debt-defying Acts: How to Get out of Financial Mess

The bills are piling up and your phone is constantly buzzing with calls from creditors. You have not slept a wink in the last weeks as the thought of getting deeper and deeper into debt only overwhelms you. Being in debt is a nerve-wracking experience. It robs you of peace and financial security. The good

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Why Buying a Home is a Financial Decision, not an Emotional One

When buying their first home, it is normal for people to be excited. They imagine a happy family life waiting for them, and the many memories they will make. Not surprisingly, they also tend to let their emotions be the main deciding factor when choosing a home. Here is the thing, though: doing that is

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Non-Resident Business: What Are Your Tax Obligations?

Hong Kong is among the most tax-friendly cities in the world, according to the 2014 Paying Taxes study by the World Bank and IFC. Many foreign investors are starting up their companies to experience what it has to offer. If you’re new to this setting, however, you might want to know more about your tax


Indispensable Advice on Improving Efficiency for Logistics

Logistics is one of the lifelines of every enterprise. It deals with some of the most important aspects of business—where to source supplies, and how to keep, package, and distribute them. The entire supply chain may seem linear, but there are actually some branches that are connected to the main process, which make management difficult

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Diversify. Invest. Succeed.

They say money makes the world go round. When you have it, then you’re one lucky chap! Unfortunately, many people earn a lot of money, but they don’t know where to invest. Others risk all their funds in one place and end up devastated. For this reason, good planning is important. It would also seem

The Flourishing Oil and Gas Industry of Alberta

Calgary, Alberta is known for its booming oil and gas industry. The city’s success in this industry has led to a thriving business environment for other sectors as well. Calgary has since become the home of different manufacturing companies, drilling firms, energy-related start-ups, and R&D centers. Major players in the international oil and gas market

First Time Drivers: Staying Safe and Saving Lives

“You got a fast car, is it fast enough so we can fly away?” You just got your license and you’re excited to move from the passenger’s seat to the driver’s seat. Sure, you have the license to drive; do you have what it takes, however, to become a responsible driver? Don’t Drive Naked —

Recruitment Process: Reasons Background Checking is Important

Do you want to have a problem employee in your company? Do you want your business to encounter trouble because of negligent hires? The answer to these questions is most probably a resounding no. The improper screening of applicants can affect your organization, and can lessen the effectiveness of your business. As an employer, it’s