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Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Over Snowden

President Barack Obama’s five-year effort to return U.S.-Russian relations seems to have ended, as the president canceled his planned meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over the Edward Snowden case. Lack of ‘recent progress’ on serious issues The effort to boost the relationship with the country has fallen due to being former Cold War rivals, including

Ethernet First Mile: Taking your business to the next level

If communication is the ‘heart’ of any business, the type of communication protocol an organisation uses is its ‘veins’. Without steady connections, a business could be vulnerable to ‘a heart attack or a stroke’. To avoid communication bottlenecks and failures, it is important to choose a steady and reliable connection from the outset. Ethernet First

Blame it on Alcohol: Alcoholism and Functional Alcoholics

“He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink.” You’ve probably never noticed it before, but Chumbawamba has been addressing an important substance abuse problem through their single, “Tubthumping.” Of course, he gets knocked down but he gets up again. A New Brew of

Which Type of Family Car Should You Buy?

When talking about family cars, the type that usually comes to people’s mind is the minivan. But make no mistake – you actually have several choices. Besides, people surely want to buy cars with styles that are more exciting than that of the minivan. Sedans A sedan is a type of passenger car with three

The Benefits of Retirement Communities for the Active Elderly

Nowadays, everybody is making a more conscious effort to take care of their health, and live longer lives. Many of those retired are choosing to reside in active retirement communities to socialize with other residents their age who have the same type of interests and living conditions in mind. If you are searching for new

Make It Sunnier in Your Home with a Sunroom

Natural light makes your home interior more appealing. If you want to achieve that warm and ethereal feel for your home, why not build a sunroom? A sunroom can be a wonderful addition to your home and you can use it for different purposes. This enclosure with glass walls can be used as an entertainment

Eye Saw the Sign: Knowing when to Get Orbital Surgery

The orbit of the eye is the socket that keeps the eye and its parts in place. It may refer to the bony cavity or its content. Each orbit has an apex, a base and four walls. It protects the eye from injuries. Certain conditions, such as exophthalmos and trauma, can damage the orbit. Most

Is Unlocking Your BlackBerry the Smart Thing to Do?

Unlocking a BlackBerry removes the limits a mobile carrier sets on a phone unit. Through paid unlocking services, people can unlock their BB and unleash a number of hidden features. Broadening Options There are many benefits to using an unlocked smart phone. People who want to switch over to a different network, perhaps to save

The Benefits of Earning an MBA Degree

Earning a master’s degree for Business Administration can help boost your career. It helps you understand better the processes involved in managing a business and lets you learn the new trends in the industry. Attending school and making time for classes, however, can be very difficult, especially if you are working. This is where you’ll

Planting the Roots: First-time Home Buying

For many people, owning a house is one of the best ways of securing their future. If they do well on their monthly mortgage payments, there’s a big chance that even if they don’t have a lot of money for their retirement years, they are guaranteed basic shelter. Many first-time homebuyers, though, have probably no