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door lock

Lock Smart: The Evolution of Security

Protecting homes from intruders has been one of humanity’s greatest challenges since the idea of property came to be. Early man trained dogs to bark at strangers that came too close to their abode. Dogs were essentially the first home security systems, and the only one that still serves that purpose until today. Nowadays, security

constructing a house

4 Basics of a Durable Construction Project

Any builder can build a nice looking house. The mark of an exceptional builder, however, is the ability to construct a property that will stand the test of time. From foundations to walls and roofing systems, you and your builder need to make sure that the results will be strong and durable. Read on to

have a better smile

Fighting Against Bruxism: Wake Up with a Better Smile

Bruxism is the unconscious grinding of your teeth that happens during the day or while you’re asleep. Occasional bruxism doesn’t always cause any harm. When it happens regularly, however, it may damage your teeth and result in oral health problems. People with damaged teeth due to this condition often consult a cosmetic dentistry specialist in

beautiful stone siding

Top Reasons Stone Siding Rocks

Homeowners always want their properties to look best. If you’re living in Tulsa, you’re probably seeing many homes covered with stylish sidings of different colors, styles, and materials. When it comes to siding materials, stone is one of the homeowners’ favorites. The beauty and value it adds to a home is priceless. No wonder many


Picture Perfect: Creating Interactive and Effective Infographics

Infographics are everywhere these days, and cover everything from superheroes and medical bulletins to typography. More and more people are drawn to these visual projects not just because of the easy-to-understand information, but also the interactivity. From knowing your audience to animating using Adobe After Effects templates, here are some tips to creating a truly

Countries Where Salaries Are Soaring

In 2014, salaries in the United States will increase by about 1.5% after adjusting for inflation, according to estimates. In some parts of the world, salaries will grow at double this rate, while in several states, even more. The following are some countries with an estimated 3% or more real salary growth. Ukraine The country

ice cream

Get the Scoop on Ice Cream Flavours: What Your Favourite Says About You

People have a natural inclination for all things sweet. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to satisfy that craving, thanks to healthier dessert options. But your favourite treats may actually reveal more than you think. Eating nutritious ice cream, for example, has just become even more interesting. It has been revealed that your go-to flavours may

drug abuse

Different Environments for Drug Abuse Recovery

Substance abuse is a plague prevalent in society. As it will only cause the user more harm than good in the long run, treatment is the key to help drug dependents get back on their feet and recover from their addiction. Drug abusers need the perfect environment to kick their bad habit successfully, which is

Blackberry Continues Top Management Shakeup

After ousting its then chief executive, struggling smartphone maker Blackberry has shaken up its top management team as part of the on going reorganization of the company. Executive shakeup Blackberry’s chief financial officer Brian Bidulka will be replaced by James Yersh, who served as controller and head of compliance. The chief marketing officer and chief

get that beautiful smile

Straight Talk on Crooked Teeth

There are different reasons for having a crooked set of teeth. When your mouth is too small, your teeth won’t have enough space to grow in. This may lead to crowding and misalignment. Those with malformed jaws may also develop crooked teeth. The same goes with people whose upper and lower jaws aren’t the same