Month: April 2015


3 Reasons To Have Those Window Problems Repaired Now

Big picture, bay, or sliding windows – whatever kind you have in your home, you should treat these areas with great attention. Windows play different roles in maintaining comfort in the home. These allow sunlight to stream in, fresh air to circulate, and unpleasant odors to dissipate from inside your space. It is important to


What are Buskers and What Do They Do?

It is not every day that you meet a busker. Actually, do you even know what a busker is? In simple terms, they give joy and entertainment to people’s lives. But in more technical terms, what do they do exactly? Well, “busking” comes in many forms. Calling them “street musicians” is a little limiting. As


Get Out More: 3 Fun-filled Activities You Can Do in Your Backyard

If you want to do something fun outdoors before it gets cold, now is the right time. For a fun-filled afternoon, you don’t have to go too far; your backyard can be the perfect place for you. Here are some of the things you can do in your backyard that are equally as fun as

Is Your Partner Cheating

Cheaters Creepers: Is He Less Than Faithful?

You often hear of celebrities and politicians cheating on their partners. Your own girlfriends or the women in your family might be going through the same thing yourself. It’s a reality that could happen to anybody. Even your seemingly perfect husband might be having an affair. There are some signs that could point to infidelity.

Meditation for couples

Why Mediation is Better for Couples with a Less Complicated Relationship

More and more couples are considering mediation nowadays. What makes it a good choice is it’s less emotionally laborious than traditional court hearings. Judges are there for a reason, but knowing the facts does not make them more capable of making a more sensible decision. Mediation gives the husband and wife control over the process.


The Right Kitchen Design for Your Lifestyle

Kitchens are the heart of every home. It is only proper to do it justice by making sure every element in the kitchen spells out your personality and character. Forget the trends splashed across the pages of magazines today. They are pretty to look at, but they are designs that appeal to many and are

Updating the home design

Stalk the Trend: Update Your Home Interior Design

The high cost of living and the smart choices made in-between are what constitute the modern lifestyle, especially in your home’s interior. While functionality sits on the driver’s seat of this journey, allowing it to run over luxury is sure to kill the essence of ‘home sweet home’. Step on the brake today and make

Wine Pairing & Tasting

A Wine Pairing and Tasting Guide for Beginners

It is easy to create great food once you have found the perfect wine to go with your recipe. But, where do beginners start with their culinary creations? Don’t let your cluelessness get the better of you. This guide will provide insights on choosing and tasting the right bottle for your dish: Wine Pairing 1.

Smart security camera

Burglar-Proofing Your Home: 3 Essential Rules to Live By

Did you know that for every 15 to 20 seconds a burglary is happening somewhere in America? Ironically, even if burglary is counted among the most common crimes in the country, it is the easiest to avoid. In the unfortunate incident that your home has been a victim of burglary, the thieves will not only

Maintaining a clean kitchen

A Chef’s Duty: 3 Things to Keep in Mind to Maintain a Clean Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where the most delicious meals and refreshing beverages are served from. And if you are a person who loves to cook, or just simply the one usually on “cook duty”, this is where you spend most of your time at home. You know it gets