Month: February 2015


Managing Common Fears in Addiction Recovery

The path to addiction recovery is always a long and winding journey. The fear of entering rehab is one of the major challenges that you need to deal with. Fear can hold you back from success, which will make the addiction even more predominant. When it comes to addiction recovery, too much fear can be

healthy lifestyle

New (Healthy) Lifestyle, New You

You may feel miserable and guilty after reading this (or actually doing all of them) — in the morning, you skip breakfast. Instead of running with your dog or hitting the treadmill, you decide to browse your smartphone and lie back on your bed until it’s time for lunch. At lunch, you choose to munch

Home Addition Plans

What’s the Best Home Addition Plan for Your Humble Abode?

Sometimes, the first home that you will ever get is not the home that you wished for due to budget constraints. You can still have your dream home through availing a home addition plan as long as you dutifully create your savings. You need not sell your current home and transfer to a new one,

Display home

Not Just for Show: Things to Look for in a Display Home

A display home, also known as a builder home or model house, is intended to help the buyer make a decision regarding the kind of home he or she wants to buy. In essence, it’s a meant-for-display-only version of townhouses, showing you exactly what to expect if you were to dive in and buy a

SEO industry

The Fog Surrounding SEO

It may not register with most people, but SEO is a huge and still growing industry, with thousands of people performing different jobs to make the whole thing work. There’s not much that’s universally known about SEO, other than it’s a marketing strategy for the Internet. This causes many industries to disagree on the effectiveness


The System that Never Sleeps: CMMS

You need to keep your computers running all the time to service your employees and clients. But computers do not have a lifetime warranty. Soon they would breakdown, but we can’t let this happen. Will the world suddenly stop using cellphones because their telecommunications networks are down? What about the Internet, which almost everybody uses?

Metaphor in Advertising

Metaphor: An Important Advertising Language

In the world of business, advertising is an important art of conveying messages. As it’s defined as an art, practitioners have come up with different techniques and methods to get the message across. One of the most popular practices is the use of figures of speech. Of all the figures of speeches, perhaps metaphors are

landscaping equipment

Preventing a Landscape Makeover Disaster

It is hard not to miss the popularity of landscaping makeovers in properties across all of Australia. Thanks to the numerous home renovation shows on television, homeowners are encouraged to transform their lawns in an effort to boost property value, and many choose to take matters into their own hands by undertaking DIY projects. The

drinking water

Overhydration: Why Too Much Water is Bad For You

You probably grew up thinking the human body needs eight glasses of water every day. Researchers, however, have pointed out that this is a myth. Apparently, there are no solid studies that back up this claim. The truth is that there are different factors that influence how much water you should drink every day. Altitude,

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Health Over Work: The Most Important Resource

Perth central business district: where all the good money flows out. Economists hail the Perth central business district recently as the economic powerhouse of Western Australia. Employees working in the Perth CBD generate the highest rate of economic activity per working hour. There, workers made $124 an hour in 2011-2012. Compare that to the rates