Month: January 2015

Boy Sleeping On Clean Sheets

What Causes Bed Bug Infestation (and how You can Stop it)

You need about 7-10 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy, and to be at your peak physical strength and mental sharpness for all your daily activities. To get the proper amount of shuteye, you need a serene and comfortable bedroom. But when your mattress happens to be infested with bedbugs, the plot thickens.

white smile teeth

Don’t Kill Your Teeth, Save Them Instead!

Your tooth aches and you want it extracted by a dentist as soon as possible to relieve the pain. But, before you “kill” that tooth, your dentist might advise you to consider dental fillings instead. Real Teeth are Not Replaceable You have to remember that we only grow two sets of teeth in our lifetime:

cure bad breath

Don’t Let Bad Breath Force You to Shut Your Mouth

Nothing is as quite damaging to a person’s self-esteem as halitosis or bad breath. Apart from making you feel low, having bad breath can affect your relationships. If you’re suffering from it and you fail to do anything, even people close to you would back away or keep their distance in the long run.

bankruptcy petition

When Finances Get Drained: The Leading Causes of Bankruptcy

There will be times when the going gets toughs, especially when it comes to finances. If worse comes to worst, the solution some people would go for is to file for bankruptcy. But, this is without any repercussion on someone’s reputation. Many believe that filing for this legal status carries with it some amount of

Debating Skills

Brushing Up Your Arguments

It’s a common scene in the court room: attorneys take turns providing their arguments and reasoning that will further their case. People on talk shows debate. Even your friends argue which ice cream flavor is much better. You can’t deny that argumentation is one of the most important facets of human interaction. The importance of

hauling out

Four Simple Tips to Make Moving Out a Breeze

It is exciting and nerve-wracking, but definitely entails a lot of work. Of course we are talking about moving out of your old place and into a new one. Things get even more complicated if you have been living in the same place for years. Suddenly you will notice how much items and things you

car dealership

3 Costly Mistakes First Time Car Buyers Make

For people living in Arkansas, and across America as well, a car is often the second most expensive material purchase made in life. The average price of a new car is estimated to be around $30,000 and that does not even include expenses on gasoline, insurance, and repairs. A 2014 table showing the cost of


Debt-defying Acts: How to Get out of Financial Mess

The bills are piling up and your phone is constantly buzzing with calls from creditors. You have not slept a wink in the last weeks as the thought of getting deeper and deeper into debt only overwhelms you. Being in debt is a nerve-wracking experience. It robs you of peace and financial security. The good


Taming the Giant: Google Realities You Must Confront

Sailing the treacherous waters of Australian SEO means one thing: you’ll have to deal with Google. For starters, the “search giant” holds more than 66% of the entire search engine market share worldwide, especially in the Land Down Under with approximately 94%. Bing, its fiercest rival, is actually not that fierce with just over 10%.

preschool activity

Helping Your Kid Develop Good Study Habits: When to Seek Professional Assistance

There are different types of kids in school —those who study every chance they get to excel in class and those ultra-smart children who effortlessly collect A’s. There are also those who are smart but are always distracted, those who easily get bored and don’t pay attention, or those who just don’t care at all.