Month: September 2014


Travellers Dilemma: Choosing the Right Hotel

Even before you plan your itinerary, you need to book a hotel before you go on your adventure. This is often the least priority of travellers, but at the end of the day, they regret their decision. Choosing a hotel can be a challenging task, as you will have to consider numerous things. Regatta Hotel,

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Common Costly Problems Found on Business Websites

A great majority of businesses today rely on the Internet for a big portion of their income. The World Wide Web is the easiest and most accessible way to flourish in commerce. Unfortunately, even putting up a website for your business is not enough most of the time. You need to optimize it for optimum

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Entry Points: Where to Start Travelling in Southeast Asia

An enjoyable challenge – this perhaps best describes the idea of travelling. There is a certain sense of fulfilment in boarding planes and exploring destinations you’ve gawked at on the Internet, but it’s also quite a pain to prepare for a trip elsewhere. There’s the idea of applying for visas, packing your stuff, and most

medical waste

5 of the Most Dangerous Medical Waste

The healthcare industry promotes good health and saves lives. But what about the infectious wastes and by-products they generate? The industry produces 80% general waste. The remaining 20% is hazardous waste that may be infectious or radioactive. Whether it’s used syringes, live vaccines, blood samples, or disposable gloves, medical waste maycontain many types of diseases

Hiroshima Bombing

Remembering Survivors: Hiroshima Artworks to be Available to Public

The paintings and drawings created by those who survived the 1945 atomic bomb in Hiroshima is about to go on a show outside of Japan for the first time. The Horrors of Hiroshima The twelve paintings and drawings feature terrible scenes depicted from August 6 1945, when Hiroshima was the first Japanese city to experience

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Toughened Glass: Why Is It Better Than Any Other Glass

Toughened glass is four to five times stronger than any other glass despite the similarity in size and thickness. It provides greater resistance to unexpected changes in temperature that may cause breakage. Thus, it provides a major safety advantage in almost all of its applications. Manufacturers heat the glass about650⁰C and then rapidly cool it.

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Non-Resident Business: What Are Your Tax Obligations?

Hong Kong is among the most tax-friendly cities in the world, according to the 2014 Paying Taxes study by the World Bank and IFC. Many foreign investors are starting up their companies to experience what it has to offer. If you’re new to this setting, however, you might want to know more about your tax

travel health

Stay Safe and Healthy: Three Things to Consider When Travelling Abroad

According to The Telegraph, people living in the United Kingdom make about 60 million trips abroad every year. While most travellers have a safe journey, some people get sick or get into an accident while travelling overseas. Knowing about basic travel health tips can go a long way in making your trip safe and enjoyable.

house renovation

4 Things You Should Never Think or Do Before Renovating Your Home

Whether you want to add rooms, upgrade your materials, or add more functionality, renovating your home may be in your near future. Diving into the world of renovation presents a lot of options you have never really thought about,so take a step back before you get started. Here is a list of the things you


Ways to Make Your Online Content Work for You

That quality content drives traffic to your site is a given fact. What most businesses do not know is that SEO is not just about ranking. You have to make content for your brand so that it reaches various platforms and wider readership. According to, many SEO firms today focus on a select number