Month: July 2014

Black Market Ticket Probe: World Cup Official Arrested

The chief executive of a FIFA partner company, Ray Whelan, has been arrested as part of a Brazilian police investigation into illegal World Cup ticket sales. Illegal resale Whelan from Match Hospitality was arrested at a hotel where senior FIFA officials are staying during the well-known competition. Reselling World Cup tickets for profit is against


5 Tees Every Man Should Have This Summer

When it comes to clothing, men do not have as many choices as women do. As fashion experts put it, men’s fashion revolves around a smaller world of concepts. Womens wear has all the options and avant garde silhouettes, but menswear has to be more patterned to real life references, such as military uniforms, tailored

Japan Ends Ban On Military Fighting Abroad

On Tuesday, Japan widened its military options by ending a ban keeping the country’s military from exercising collective self-defense, or aiding a friendly country under attack. In a victory for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan has ended a ban preventing their military from fighting abroad, which has been in place since 1945. It is now