Month: June 2014


We Want You!: Top 3 Business and Investment Opportunities in the US

It can be really difficult to gauge America’s current economic standing, as news reports here and there often create distorted views of the country’s finances. Despite all of these, though, it appears the nation’s economy is finally on an upward curve. US President Barack Obama even recently made a push to encourage investment opportunities and

New Harry Potter ThemePark Gains Publicity

Universal Orlando Resort gave the media and other travel industry insiders a preview of the upcoming The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley on Wednesday night. Set for a full swing launch on July 8, the attraction will double the size of the Harry Potter footprint on Universal’s property. Fans of the premier book and

shipping containers

Think Outside of the Box: Creative Alternative Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are recognised across the globe because they are durable, adaptable, lightweight, and low cost. These big metal boxes are so inexpensive and abundant that it prompts a growing recycling trend. Architects, artists, designers, and enthusiasts worldwide are transforming how people look at containers and making the world realise that they can be used

Gaming Console War: Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo After Eight Years

Sony has sold more games console than Nintendo for the first time in eight years, as the PlayStation 4 continues to lead the worldwide console battle. Strong performance The tech company’s victory was expected after the success of PS 4 and the disappointing sales of Nintendo’s newest product, Wii U. Sony apparently sold 18.7 million

Ways to Prevent Your Employees from Being Burned Out

Empty cubicles around your office mean your workers are not motivated enough to come in and do their job. Giving your employees greater daily workload to cover the positions that take time to be filled can be exhausting for them. Your employees may frequently struggle with the tasks as well as the deadlines—this, in turn,

credit card

Beating the Plastics: The Worst Things You Can Put on Your Credit Card

Contrary to Visa or MasterCard’s beliefs, it’s not always advisable to pay for a purchase using your credit card just because you can. While there are certainly a few occasions when it’s a good idea to charge a credit-building purchase to your account, there are also numerous instances when your card should never see the