Month: April 2014

drug rehabilitation

Addiction Relapse: Life After Rehab

What happens when former drug abusers finally finish their journey to transformation? Better relationships, better performance, better life? Not always. The Battle It is common assumption that going into rehab is the hardest part in the battle against drug addiction. The truth is that life after rehab is the hardest. In the United States, the

Australian Chef Bags World’s Best Pizza Maker Award

An Australian chef was named the world’s best pizza maker at the World Pizza Championships in Parma, Italy, after cooking his famous margherita slice. Johnny Di Francisco, owner of 400 Gradi in Brunswick, Melbourne, took the top spot among 600 competitors from 35 different countries at the Pizza World Championship or Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza

portable air cooled chillers

Freezing and Cooling in Different Industries

Cooling and freezing methods are important to boost the safety and environmental performance in different processes. These methods are popular in many industries like food and metal fabrication to maintain precise temperature of an entire facility that can enhance productivity and equipment longevity. Read on to learn more how freezing and cooling methods benefit industries.

fiberglass swimming pools

Five Cool Pool Enhancements

There are many features you can incorporate to remodel the look of your pool area. By adding unique features such as fountains, stream, or a Jacuzzi, you can enhance and customize the atmosphere in your backyard. Here are the five upgrades that can make your pool as attractive and enjoyable as possible: Hot Tub Promote


4 Easy Steps to Interface Haas Indexers to CNC Machines

If you know the correct way to use a Haas indexer and understand the safety precautions necessary around CNC, you can connect a Haas 4-wire interface cable effectively to a CNC machine. Depending on the machine you’re working with, you may need to contact the manufacturer to verify the power sources you need. Once you’ve

beef cuts

Lessons from a Food: The Difference that is Australian Beef

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of beef, but the country doesn’t send it all overseas. In fact, according to reports, Aussies eat around 2,160,000 tonnes of beef every year. Beef is a great source of protein — an essential component of any diet. It contains all eight essential amino acids and is

UFC Releases Fan Favorite Jake Shields

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion and fan favorite Jake Shields follows compatriots Yushin Okami and Jon Fitch as the UFC release him after a recent defeat. Drastic Cut Shields, 35, is part of a growing group of capable fighters finding themselves out of job as a young, more “exciting” generation of cage warriors come in to

equipment auction

Equipment Auctions: There’s more to Bids than Meets the Eye

When you are buying heavy equipment from auction companies, there’s more to think about than just the equipment’s look. There is a lot at stake in buying or selling – even if it is just one bulldozer, an excavator, or a truck. Understanding what influences the price of used heavy equipment will give you a


Telltale Signs That You’re Overdoing Your Workout

Some things should not be done in excess. This couldn’t be any truer when it comes to physical exercise. While it is beneficial, it can also be addictive. When you get hooked, though, you’ll eventually see how this seemingly healthy habit backfires. The most common victims of overtraining are the gym newbies and those who

US funded ‘Cuban Twitter’ To Stir Political Unrest, Says Probe

An investigation by the Associated Press revealed that the Obama administration engaged in a secret project to stir political unrest in communist Cuba under a social network dubbed “Cuban Twitter.” A Tool What started out as a mere social networking platform was actually a tool by the United States government to gain control over Cuba.