Month: March 2014

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From the Perspective of Top Candidates: Why We’re Not Applying

You should always be on the lookout for great talents to grow your business and keep moving forward. You and your competitors need to vie for bright, motivated candidates, and if you’re seeing a few quality responses to your job listings, you might be doing it wrong. It’s not the distance or money that determines

enrolling your child in day nursery

Nutritional Guide for Toddlers: Helping Children Develop Good Eating Habits

A healthy diet and physical activities are important for the growth and development of children. To help them develop good eating habits, parents should promote positive attitude towards nutrition. Apart from the nutritious meals your kids receive from their Nottingham day nursery, you should prepare healthy food at home as well. Reinforcing what kids learn

NBA May Abandon Sleeved Jerseys

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA may consider abandoning the sleeved jerseys if they get enough impetus from the players. Jersey Sales The sleeved jerseys were first introduced last year in an attempt to boost the leagues apparel sales. The move was marketed in a way that fans can support their favorite teams even

Gen Y: Rethinking the “Great Australian Dream”

Gen X and baby boomers are only starting to understand the values that make Gen Y tick, the reasons for the values, and the positives that millennial is delivering. To understand Gen Y better, you need to understand that years of available credit, high levels of consumer marketing and consumer product uptake represented many of

Video Of Detroit Choir Singing Pharell Williams’ ‘Happy’ Goes Viral

A video of a group of charming kids singing the cover of Pharell Williams’ “Happy” went viral. Awesome group of kids The talented students in the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences has decided to make a version of the song and uploaded it on YouTube. The performance was supposedly an audition video for “America’s

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In Praise of Great Coffee: More Reasons to Drink a Cup

It’s hard to argue with the greatness of coffee. It isn’t merely a beverage on the morning menu, but the best way to get through a tough Monday morning. Most of us need it for our brains to function correctly, and some just really, really love the taste. We love our caffeine, judging by the

Venice Votes In Referendum On Cutting Ties With Italy

Italians in Venice and surrounding areas are voting this week in an online poll on splitting from Italy and forming their own state. Local independence parties have initiated the online vote. Support for a Bill The Indipendenza Veneta party has been apparently frustrated by the government’s reported inability to squash out corruption and other social

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Make Your Car Feel like New: Accessories and Maintenance

You don’t need to spend a fortune to enhance the look and feel of your old ride. By adding a few car accessories and doing basic auto maintenance and upgrades, you can improve the look of your vehicle and make it feel new again. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish it. Window

certificate in business administration

Let’s Get to Work: Career Opportunities in Business Administration

There are many options if you’re planning to study Business Administration. You can pursue an associate, bachelor, or master’s degree at colleges and universities, or go through a certificate program like Certificate III in Business Administration through e-learning. After completing the requirements and passing the course, you will have many job opportunities to choose from.

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Credit Insurance: Helping Companies Grow

For many businesses, protecting assets is important. While most companies secure their tangible properties, such as buildings, equipment and land, many fail to cover their receivables, which include approximately 40 per cent of their current resources. According to studies, having a poor working capital and suffering from bad debt are common reasons businesses fail. Industry