Month: January 2014

Burberry Sees Strong Growth In Asia

UK luxury fashion retailer Burberry said that retail revenue rose 14% in the third quarter, as the company continues to be driven by Asia, its online business, and outerwear and large leather product sales. Strong revenue growth According to outgoing chief executive Angela Ahrendts, a 12% strong increase in comparable sales was “in line with

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Office Design Tips That Foster Creativity and Productivity in the Workplace

Office design plays an important role in workplace productivity. Good design boosts employee morale and improves performance. Studies also suggest it fosters creativity. Work with a fit out company to develop a design that reflects your company’s image, values, and priorities and fosters creativity and productivity. Here are some tips on good office design: Provide

Experts Raise Concerns After Obamacare Enrollment Data Reveal

According to newly released statistics, an older, costlier crowd was signing up for health insurance under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. Adult enrollees Insurers have raised concerns that too few young people are signing up for health coverage. Enrollments are lower for the healthy, younger Americans who will be needed to keep premiums from increasing.

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Getting Started in Figure Skating: An Overview of the Sport

Figure skating is the oldest sport at the Olympic Winter Games. It was originally part of the summer program in London in 1908 before being featured in Antwerp, Belgium in 1920. The sport was among the original seven games at the very first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France in 1924. The British Figure Skating

Sinopharm Faces Investigation Over Corruption

China’s top drug distributor, Sinopharm, said its former executives have been detained as part of an investigation into alleged corruption. It’s the latest company to come under scrutiny. Corruption allegations China’s pharmaceutical industry has been under scrutiny for the way it markets drugs to mainland hospitals and doctors. Sinopharm, the state-owned Chinese drug group, said

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First Date: 3 Tips for Pulling it Off

The hardest part is over! You’ve succeeded in asking her out. And regardless of how you pulled it off, you need to have a solid plan to make that first date work. Unfortunately, most men are not known to spend hours in front of a mirror. Most men think that going to a barbershop for

2022 Qatar World Cup To Not Happen In Summer

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will probably not be played in the traditional summer months of June and July, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke told a French radio station Wednesday, January 8. Favourable Weather “The dates of the World Cup will not be in June or July. I think it will be played between

Nintendo Shares Soar After China Ban Lift

Gaming giant Nintendo’s shares are on the upturn after China recently revoked a sales ban on foreign video game consoles. 11 percent The shares of the company surged by 11%, propelling it to 15,850 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Many perceive the Chinese market as a highly viable one due to the 38% increase

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Things More Practical to Rent than Buy

Under the right circumstances, rentals are the most practical option you’ll have. At times, it is better than buying new or used items from dealers. Here are some items you’re better off borrowing than buying. Heavy Equipment Dump trucks, dozers, backhoes, and excavators are just some of the things you’ll need during a construction. Of

Samsung Teams Up With Online Streaming Services

Amazon, Comcast, and Netflix have teamed up with Samsung to deliver 4K video. 4K video technology Samsung Electronics said the deal would tackle the issue of getting ultra-high-definition content to its new TV sets. Like other TV manufacturers, Samsung is betting that a quadrupling of the resolution of TV sets will get people interested in