Month: January 2014

woman blowing a cake

Birthday Surprise: Ideas That’ll Make Your Loved One Happy

Experience is the best teacher and may be the best birthday gift as well. Many women have a tendency to be materialistic when it comes to gifts, but material possessions can get lost or wear out eventually. Unlike personal experiences, your loved ones won’t simply enjoy, but keep the memories for the rest of their

easy spanish course

Five Tips on Teaching Your Child to Speak Spanish

“No hablo Español” is a popular Spanish phrase people across the globe know about – next to “te amo.” In a world where over 390 million people speak the language, many parents recognize the importance of teaching their kids Spanish. For some, knowing a second language gives them a head start in life. For others,

tooth loss

The Tooth Hurts: Common Causes of Tooth Loss

While teeth are the hardest part of the human body, they can still break and fall out. Tooth loss is common but it doesn’t happen without reason. Most people who lose teeth could have prevented that from happening. There are different ways you could lose a tooth. Here are a few of them: Tooth Decay

Arctic Sea Ice Cracks Become New Source Of Mercury Pollution

The cracks in the Arctic sea ice may be doing more than just helping in global warming and raising sea levels, as a new research published January 15 says tiny tempests above the cracks in Arctic sea ice help pull down toxic mercury and ozone from the sky, becoming an unexpected new source of mercury

South African Gov’t Orders Removal Of Rabbit From Mandela Statue’s Ear

The South African government has ordered the removal of a rabbit that was secretly sculpted into a recently unveiled statue of the late Nelson Mandela, officials said Wednesday, January 22. Restoring Integrity The artists who built the nine-meter (30-foot), bronze colossus in Pretoria, secretly sculpted a rabbit into the ear of the statue, without clearance

seminar about content marketing

KPIs of Content Marketing You Should Watch

Since the roll out of Google’s numerous algorithm updates, many have become fans of content marketing. The value of this practice, however, goes beyond being a part of an effective SEO strategy. If done correctly, content marketing can be its own channel for ROI. Fortunately, there are key performance indicators (KPIs) you can check to

Annual Dolphin Slaughter In Infamous Japan Cove Begins

The annual dolphin slaughter in a cove in Japan has started and is expected to end on Tuesday, January 28, according to a statement released by a local Taiji fishermen’s union. An Estimate of 500 Bottlenose Dolphins Estimated 500 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the infamous cove this year. A member of the union who

properties in Shoreditch

Shoreditch: A Hip and Trendy Neighbourhood in East London

People move to London for different reasons. Some are looking for better career opportunities while others want to embark on an adventure. Regardless of your reasons, choosing to live in London is an exciting decision. When looking for a place to live in the city, consider adding Shoreditch in your list of options. You can

Snow Leopards Photographed In Uzbekistan For The First Time

The first-ever pictures of a snow leopard in Uzbekistan were captured using a camera trap. Not one, but two endangered cats were caught on camera. Endangered Species The conservation group, Panthera, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) confirmed that there are two snow leopards in the Gissar Nature Reserve. This reserve can be visited only

woman wearing a wedding band

The Different Types of Metal for Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are made of different types of metal. This is why choosing the right one can be a challenge. It needs to use material that won’t scratch, break, or discolor immediately. This way, you can preserve the value of this wedding symbol. Here are the different types of metal commonly used to help you