Month: December 2013

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Peace of Mind Ticket: The BBA Certification

Whenever people look at news regarding the economy, it almost always gives them a frown. The news never seems to be good and upbeat, causing people to resort to shortcuts in efforts to save money, sometimes even in aspects like construction. The Problem of Cheap Cheap materials and cheap services – it doesn’t take much

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The Treadmill Checkup: Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Most people step on, shrug their shoulders, and have no idea what to do next. It’s a passive approach of mindless mileage, improved by the occasional pick-up. Never get on a treadmill without a plan. You can get creative and do many exercises on treadmills. Being creative is the best way to become a better

interior design

Things You Might Not (But Absolutely Should) Know About Custom Furniture

Custom furniture pieces used to be reserved for the most discerning buyers. Today, these products have evolved– from luxury to staple — in interior design. If you’re thinking of having a new piece of furniture at home, and you want it to be uniquely stylish, then having it customized is the way to go. Here

Obama Eases Sentences For Inmates With Cocaine Charges

U.S. President Barack Obama has shortened the prison terms of eight federal inmates who were convicted of crack cocaine charges, greatly expanding his use of power to help those jailed because of harsh drug laws. ‘Unfair system’ In a statement, Obama said they’d been sentenced under an “unfair system.” In 2011, Congress approved a law

Christmas : A Non-Religious Holiday For Many

For about half of Americans, Christmas isn’t’t a religious celebration anymore. It has become an event focused on visiting friends and family and exchanging gifts, a new survey has shown. Young people’s observance of Christmas The Pew Research Center’s survey on Christmas observations shows a country where Christmas continues to be incredibly popular, but also

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Hardscapes for Your Landscape

Adding hardscapes is an excellent way to improve your landscape. Hardscapes contain non-living components such as concrete, brick, stone, or wood. These are permanent structures that require installation and construction. Hardscapes can enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces and offer functional purposes to the area. Fences These function as barriers to keep children and

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How to Boost a Home’s Value with a Fresh Coat of Paint

The right exterior paint adds thousands of dollars to a home’s value. It’s an easy and cheap way to freshen up and add punch to your home. Top painting contractors in Perth recommend the following tips for homeowners who are trying to move, but can’t hook a buyer. Colour Perception is Relative An effective use

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How a First-Time Bidder Should Behave at an Auction

Sydney is one shopper’s paradise. Other than the upscale markets, the auction industry also makes the city’s shopping scene vibrant. Whether you’re after a rare antique or an auto auction in Sydney, you’re sure to come away happy. But going to such a trading event doesn’t only depend on the money you have in your

Chile Elects New President

Chile’s once and future President Michelle Bachelet has been elected for a second time, returning her to the presidency amid continuing issues over high levels of inequality in the country. Chile’s next leader Bachelet has won a runoff election after promising wider changes in society in response to street protests. With more than 57% of

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Who Says You Can Only Snowboard During Winter?

In Hong Kong, winter temperatures can drop down to zero degrees Celsius, but never will it snow. So how will you go snowboarding? Two facilities can help you: Play and Slope Infinity. These are the only indoor snowboarding and skiing places in the city that allows you to experience winter sports without freezing to death.