Month: November 2013

drug abuse

Different Environments for Drug Abuse Recovery

Substance abuse is a plague prevalent in society. As it will only cause the user more harm than good in the long run, treatment is the key to help drug dependents get back on their feet and recover from their addiction. Drug abusers need the perfect environment to kick their bad habit successfully, which is

Blackberry Continues Top Management Shakeup

After ousting its then chief executive, struggling smartphone maker Blackberry has shaken up its top management team as part of the on going reorganization of the company. Executive shakeup Blackberry’s chief financial officer Brian Bidulka will be replaced by James Yersh, who served as controller and head of compliance. The chief marketing officer and chief

get that beautiful smile

Straight Talk on Crooked Teeth

There are different reasons for having a crooked set of teeth. When your mouth is too small, your teeth won’t have enough space to grow in. This may lead to crowding and misalignment. Those with malformed jaws may also develop crooked teeth. The same goes with people whose upper and lower jaws aren’t the same


Off the Charts: Discovering the World Through Helicopter Charters

There are different reasons people are in the market looking for a reliable helicopter charter. Through the years, choppers have proven their worth to modern society. They have been instrumental in many operations and humanitarian efforts around the globe. This is why many people today want to learn more about these vertical flight vehicles. Because

using video in web designing

Web Essentials: Video Production

Online videos are among the fastest growing information mediums in the world today. The success of the world’s premier video sharing website, YouTube, is a testament to its effectiveness. More companies are realising that static text and graphics aren’t enough to convince consumers to try their service or products. If you haven’t already tapped a

Lance Armstrong Reveals Details Of Doping Cover-up

Doping was the story Lance Armstrong had denied. When the conversation moved to the subject of that positive test in 1999, he not only agreed but went a bit further. The bigger conspiracy Some people always believed there was a bigger conspiracy. Now, Armstrong finally revealed the full scale of the cover-up, naming former UCI

After Years, Rare Mammal Sighted In Vietnam

For the first time in 15 long years, cameras have caught one of the rarest and most threatened species of mammals on earth in Vietnam. With this finding, conservationists are hoping that there might be a recovery of the species. Breathtaking Discovery The WWF said in a statement on Wednesday that the Saola, a long-horned

First MERS Virus Death Reported In Oman

Up till now, the MERS virus was centered in Saudi Arabia. Now there are reports of the first death owing to the SARS-like virus coming from neighboring Oman which has prompted the health officials in the country to up the health checks in the region. Investigations On Following the death of the 68 year old

bachelorette party

Not-the-Usual Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party is a chance for the bride-to-be to celebrate with her friends on her last night as a single girl. This event traditionally involves serving refreshments, playing party games, and giving gifts. These days, however, bachelorette parties have become more adventurous. This is probably in response to the way many bachelor parties are

India’s Entry Into Deep Space Exploration

November 5th, 2013 was a red letter day for India in the area of space exploration.  It launched its first ever space craft bound for Mars.  ISRO scientist worked for years to put together this complex mission which is expected to demonstrate the possibilities for space travel.  Thousands of people gathered outside Sriharikota on the