Month: September 2013

buying vehicle tracking devices

Choosing the Perfect GPS Car Tracking System for your Business

Not too long ago, vehicle security meant securing an alarm system that involved boisterous wailing throughout the evening. Not only does it involve a lot of tackiness, it’s also not as efficient, as it offered very little chances of car recovery. But with a Global Positioning System (GPS) car tracking, your vehicle can be seen

fresh looking after botox

Here’s to a Younger-Looking You: The Wonders of Botox

While wrinkles and fine lines are the body’s common response to aging, many people would do everything possible just to decrease their appearance. One of the many beauty remedies that women use against wrinkles is Botox injection. Botox is one of the many trade names of botulinum toxin, a protein produced by a bacterium. It

Sephora To Appeal A Court Order That Bans Night – Time Shopping

French cosmetics maker Sephora has become the new front line in France’s battle over labor law, which the company said it would appeal a federal court that order to close its Paris branch by 9pm after allegedly breaking the law banning late-night work. French labor laws French luxury-goods giant said that it would fight for

installing home security

How to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Costs

It’s common for homeowner’s insurance coverage costs to increase over the years. Fortunately, there are different methods to save on this kind of coverage, including: Car and Home Discounts Insuring a car and home with the same insurance company often provides homeowners with package discounts, which is a good tool to use when shopping around.

Surfing Industry Has Seen Better Days

The surfing industry is struggling, as surfing’s biggest names and retailers are experiencing market saturation. Surfing’s industry and culture Billabong recently reported a $536 million profit loss and half of allsurf shops all over the world shut down during the recession. That is why the future of the surfing industry is being debated by some

Another Private Company Zooms To The ISS

A commercial cargo ship belonging to the Oriental Sciences Corp. successfully rocketed towards the International Space Station on Wednesday making it the second of NASA’s private suppliers for the orbiting laboratory. Look out ISS, here we come! Orbital Sciences, a Virginia-based company, launched its first-ever space supply ship from the Virginia Eastern Shore which was

clean boutique hotel

The Land of the Scots: Things Uniquely Scottish

Modern-day Scotland still pays tribute to its rich history and heritage, while being able to blend an array of cultures from around the world. Even with all the mix, however, there are still several icons that are uniquely and recognisably Scottish that’s worth understanding whenever one comes to visit the country. From the bagpipes, tartans,

The Flourishing Oil and Gas Industry of Alberta

Calgary, Alberta is known for its booming oil and gas industry. The city’s success in this industry has led to a thriving business environment for other sectors as well. Calgary has since become the home of different manufacturing companies, drilling firms, energy-related start-ups, and R&D centers. Major players in the international oil and gas market

Social Media

SEO Quick Fixes: Small Things Local Businesses Can Do to Boost their SEO

As Google continues to make significant changes, search marketers need to be savvy in implementing online strategies. These online strategies call for substantial effort, but small wins can also go a long way when it comes to adding as much value for users. All it takes is smart planning to develop a solid online strategy.

houses to rent

Renting vs. Buying a House: Which One is Right for You?

The housing market continues to change every day. For many people, buying a property is a serious financial decision. This is why some would rather rent for a few years until they’re ready for bigger financial responsibilities. Some people see renting as an alternative to buying a house until they’re more financially capable. Renting, just