Then and Now: Why Midwives Continue to be Relevant

Then and Now: Why Midwives Continue to be Relevant

Few people, of late, would consider going to a midwife at any point during their pregnancy or even after. Midwives, however, play an important role in building strong foundations in family health care.

And finding a midwife here in Miami, Florida, isn’t difficult. Here is why you should consider it.

Birth and Birthing Management

This is usually the first thing people think of when it comes to what midwives do. Briefly, midwives act as an advocate for mother and child. This helps them develop a relationship with the family, allowing them to more easily assess and identify their needs.

They can help make your birthing experience as pleasant as possible and, if you have one, turn your birth plans to reality. And, as professionals, they also can minimize birth risks and recognize early signs that you need the help an obstetrician or other specialists.

Not Just About the Birth

Beyond being professionals who specialize in pregnancy and birth, a midwife can also extend the service they provide to postnatal care. A midwife is an educator and, as such, they can also teach families about basic health care in a way that is easy to understand.

Aside from health care, they can also provide parents with childcare assistance during the first weeks after childbirth or longer.

Midwife or Obstetrician?

Both professions are concerned with two major points: caring for the mother during pregnancy and childbirth, and caring for the infant during childbirth and the early stages of life. They both can care for a birthing mother. So which professional is the appropriate one for your needs?

Midwifery and obstetrics are both fields that require appropriate education, licensing, and regulation. The major difference between them is that midwives are only certified for attending to women whose pregnancies do not involve any particular complications.

In the case of multiple births or the necessity for pregnancy-related surgeries, an obstetrician is necessary with the midwife present to assist.

In the end, what matters most is that you choose a midwife you are comfortable with. After all, it is inevitable that you’ll be sharing many intimate moments of your life with them.

US flag waving

Which State Ranks As The Most Sustainable In 2018?

Vermont’s sustainable farming and air quality helped the state to be the most environment-friendly in the U.S. for 2018, according to an analysis.

Aside from organic farming, agriculture companies should also consider sustainable fertilizer tank fabrication from providers such as Heartland Tank Services not just in Vermont, but also in other parts of the country. An expanded practice of organic farming is also essential for better public and environmental health.

State Rankings

The analysis based the rankings on each state’s “environmental quality” and “eco-friendly behaviors,” which Vermont ranked on top. It landed on the 23rd spot for “climate change contributions,” which isn’t bad considering it aced the two other categories.

When it comes to air quality, the state tied with South Dakota for the third spot. Wyoming has the best air quality nationwide, unlike California that landed at the bottom. Soil quality serves as another important factor for sustainable farming. Five states tied at the top spot and these comprised Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. On the other hand, Maine has the highest percentage of recycled solid waste with some of it likely used for fertilizer.

Fertilizer Consumption

The need for better fertilizer storage in farms would be more necessary in the U.S. and the rest of the world. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that global consumption in 2018 would exceed 200 million tonnes.

Demand for nitrogen, which is the biggest fertilizer base, would increase by an annual rate of 1.4% between 2008 and 2018, according to FAO. The caveat, however, requires farmer to be more conscious of their fertilizer consumption to avoid polluting the soil.


Smarter farming practices play a major role in a state’s sustainability since the agriculture sector arguably has the biggest environmental footprint. You can do your part by choosing to build liquid storage tanks for fertilizers that comply with industry standards.

Cornwall historical site

Must-See Historical Sites in Cornwall

Travelling is one of the most effective ways to know the world. While technology seemed to have made people closer and the world smaller, there is still no substitute to hopping on a plane and experiencing a country in person.

One of the most fascinating places to visit especially for history buffs are the historical sites in a place called Cornwall. Sitting in the west of England, Cornwall boasts of the longest stretches of land in all of England.

Aside from this, there are breathtaking and fascinating historical sites in Cornwall that would wow both the adventurous and the geeky. Here are three of the best sites to visit in all of Cornwall.

Bodmin Jail

For those seeking of non-traditional tours, the Bodmin Jail will prove to be perfect. POWs built the site in 1779 and served as the secret hiding place of the crown jewels during the Second World War. There are always specials tours and events here, and you would see the only remaining execution pit in the country.

Launceston Castle

The Launceston Castle is a sight that demands attention as it is set in an enormous natural mound. The most fascinating aspect of the castle is a round tower built in the 13th Century, soon after the Norman Conquest.

However, the round tower built by then Earl of Cornwall, Richard, who built the structure upon an undated earlier circular shell-keep. Across the years, people used the castle as a prison and in 1656, the founder of the Quaker, George Fox, was imprisoned there.

At the moment, you can reach the tower through an internal staircase, and there are displays that trace the 1000 years of history of the castle.

Bodmin and Wenford Railway

Wished you could experience the height of steam train travel in the modern times? Then the Bodmin and Wenford Railway should be at the top of your list. Visit this spot, and you can enjoy a 13-mile round trip at a leisurely pace. It is Cornwall’s only steam train and is reminiscent of bygone days.

Travelling and exploring historical sites is one of the greatest ways to learn more about the world. Make your Cornwall visit one for the books by visiting these three awesome and fascinating sites.

Worker Straightening and Measuring concrete

Concrete Slab Calculator for Accurate Concrete Measurements

In every construction project that involves the use of concrete, getting the right proportions that go into the concrete mix is a critical requirement. The process of building a slab is the same regardless of its size.

Here, you will find using a concrete slab calculator to be a useful tool in helping you get the materials and ratios right, all the time.

However, here is what should come first:

Subgrade Preparation

The subgrade goes in before the concrete, and if there are drainage problems, there will be high chances are that your slabs will crack. You will, therefore, require first, digging out the area where you will place your concrete slab and pouring a thin layer of gravel. You will then pour dirt over the gravel layer, and flatten the layer of soil to create a level concrete slab.

Concrete Measurements

The size of the area on which you will be placing your slab will determine the amount of concrete mix you need. Getting the concrete ratios wrong will cost you a structure with compromised strength, thereby leading to wastage of resources. Too much concrete will overflow your area and will call for thorough cleaning, and less concrete will also compromise on the quality of your slab.

You can opt to source for your concrete products from a local supplier, but you need to send them the right measurements before they deliver the concrete.

Placing the Concrete

After the concrete mix is ready, you need to have a well-prepared surface for the pouring. You will need to lay a concrete floor reinforcing mesh for stronger support. Also, stamp the surface for the gravel to settle and the concrete to rise. It is advisable that you smooth the slab surface before the concrete cures completely.

Creating a slab in the right way ensures its longevity of use without chances of cracking. Reinforce your concrete using a concrete floor reinforcing mesh in your next project for a firm and durable concrete slab. Also, consider using a concrete slab calculator to determine the correct measurement of on-site materials that you will need.

a veteran

3 Common End-of-Life Issues Faced by Veterans

Over 150,000 Americans enlist in the armed forces annually. These brave men and women commit a substantial portion of their lives towards humanitarian services and protection of human life worldwide. Throughout their service years, soldiers undergo unique emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental issues that become evident towards the end of their life.

As such, hospice care becomes vital in their end-of-life care. This isn’t just any hospice care, but specific hospice services for veterans from an Indiana facility since they could face unique end-of-life problems. Here are some of the typical issues unique to veterans in their sunset years:

Presumptive Disease

These diseases are those linked to exposure to chemicals used in war and herbicides. Presumptive diseases can also manifest as a wide range of symptoms and conditions. These include Parkinsonism, various types of cancer, and metabolic conditions like hyperthyroidism.

Chronic Pain

Military duties are physically demanding. After many years in service, most veterans retire with serious musculoskeletal pain, especially in their joints and back. In their sunset years, the veterans endure excruciating pain and various degrees of arthritis that can make their life extremely uncomfortable.

The injuries suffered by veterans in war and during physical exercises also continue to affect them long after retirement from active military service. Physiotherapy, massage, and musculoskeletal manipulation are therefore an essential component of veteran hospice care.

Psychological Issues

Most veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following their military service. They need intense counseling and sometimes, medication to help them cope. Some have a history of traumatic brain injury from the landmines, grenades, bullets, and mortars used in the battlefield. This brain injury also affects the psychological well-being of the veteran.

The above situations warrant specific hospice care designed for veterans. It’s essential to get a facility that understands these unique circumstances and tailors their care for these residents. This is the only facility that can assure you that the veteran’s needs are sufficiently met.

Signage printing machine

Sign of the Times: An Easy Guide to Creating Your Business Sign

In business, visibility is imperative to success. How can customers come to your business and trigger a sale if they can’t find it? There are many ways to attract clientele to your business but signs and banners have been the most consistent form of marketing there is.

There are multiple ways to come up with the perfect sign—different media like vinyl or large format banner printing. But before you invest in any of these, do you know what makes a good sign? Here are some easy tips when coming up with your own sign’s design.

Keep It Simple

That old adage holds true, especially in signs. Your sign needs to say one thing and one thing only: your business name. The name lets people know what the brand is about and if you communicate that concisely, it’s one step towards establishing strong visibility in front of your potential customers.

Avoid adding on any extra graphics to the design to prevent the risk of being confusing or unclear about your business message. A good rule of thumb is leaving 30 to 40 per cent of your sign blank to improve its readability.

Lettering Logic

In terms of fonts and types, use those that are simple and easy to read. Avoid curlicues and incredibly ornate fonts that tend to be difficult to read. Make sure to use colours that pop against the background. Light colours work best against a darker background and vice versa. This ensures that more people will be captivated by your design.

Do not be afraid to get creative. Studies show that adding a border increases sign readability by 25 per cent. This is especially helpful if your sign is close to traffic.

warehouse clerk

3 Job Positions in a Warehouse

Are you looking to build a career in the warehousing field? If yes, notes that there are multiple job options in the field, but you must be familiar with the requirements and roles of each position. You should meet the entry requirements and then build your career as you acquire more skills. Some of the jobs include:

Shelf Filler

This is the lowest job position and involves packing of goods in retail stores. A shelf filler should arrange the products according to the expiry dates. It is also their role to remove any items that are past the expiry dates. These persons also help a customer identify a commodity they are looking for or even offer recommendations.

Warehouse Clerk

The work of the warehouse clerk involves majorly administrative tasks. He or she should make orders for supplies, confirms the delivery details, and checks off some goods to the storage department. It is their responsibility to verify that orders arrive within the requires time and within the specifications. In some cases, the warehouse clerk should be in contact with suppliers to inquire about the products in store and their prices.

Warehouse Manager

The warehouse manager is responsible for running the warehouse. He or she should oversee supply, distribution, and storage operations within the warehouse. It is also their role to come up with policies that will see an increase in sales and customer satisfaction. The manager is the overall head of the different departments. It is also in his or her position to recruit new members and lay off lazy or uncooperative members.

There is quite a good number of career choices you can make when choosing warehouse careers. The jobs are equally many, and it will not be hard for you to get a footing in the industry. Liaise with a staffing company for job placement in the right industry.

facade of the hospital's emergency area

The Benefits of Opting for Urgent Care

Many people think that “urgent” is the same as “emergency.” In the world of healthcare, however, they are not the same thing. Urgent care is the place to go if you have something wrong with you, but it doesn’t appear to be too serious. For example, you cut yourself while slicing carrots, and it won’t stop bleeding. Or you may have sprained your ankle while playing basketball with friends.

Any of these situations are worrying but doesn’t warrant a trip to the emergency room. You can go to the emergency room, of course, but the benefits of opting for urgent care in Hammond, Indiana trump this. Midwest Express Clinic gives the following explanation:

Quality of Care

Urgent care clinics don’t have the level of sophistication of hospitals in terms of equipment and facilities. However, the medical personnel are qualified to treat you. These are mostly physician assistants and nurse practitioners overseen by a licensed doctor. This means timely and better access to healthcare when your primary doctor isn’t available.


A trip to the ER is going to cost you more than a trip to an urgent care clinic. If you have an earache, for example, the cost of treatment in an emergency room is about $400. The same treatment you get from an urgent care clinic will set you back about $110.

Waiting Time

Hospital emergency rooms practice triage. This means that they treat patients that they believe need immediate attention first. If you’re unlucky enough to go in on a busy day, you could end up waiting at least two hours to have someone look at you. There’s no triage in urgent care. Treatment is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you go in the middle of the day, you could be in out of the clinic in half an hour.

Urgent care is the smarter choice when you have an immediate, but not life-threatening health or medical problem. You get the treatment you need at lower costs faster, and that’s a big deal.

A young man suffering from a whiplash injury after a road accident

The Most Common Questions about Whiplash and Its Treatment

Whiplash injury commonly occurs when there is a rapid or forceful back-and-forth movement of a person’s neck. Although it commonly occurs during an auto accident, whiplash can also occur in any instance, including sports accident or even trauma.

Apollo Health outlines some of the most commonly asked questions about whiplash, including its signs, symptoms and the treatment options.

What causes whiplash?

There are several reasons a person can acquire whiplash. One is when a sudden or forceful activity causes an intense extension and flexing on the neck that results in muscle and nerve damage. There are also times when a small vessel tends to get damaged after an accident, which results in a sudden production of inflammatory substances, causing the neck to swell.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of whiplash include muscle spasms, pain, headache, stiff neck, a decrease in a person’s range of motion, anxiety, and even memory disturbances.

How do you treat whiplash?

Whiplash commonly heals on its own. But to speed up your recovery, you might want to do a few first aid treatments right away. You may want to apply ice on your neck to alleviate the pain and the swelling. You may also ask your doctor for any painkillers or other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Lastly, you may use a neck brace or a collar if the doctor recommends it. You may also apply moist heat to your neck three days after you treated it with ice. Using other treatments, such as massage and ultrasound, may also help you with managing the pain.

Always remember that everyone has their own pace when it comes to healing. It’s always best to get in touch with a doctor to regularly check your condition and monitor your healing progress.

Doctor Showing Anatomical Spine

Things to Look for in a Spine Surgeon: The 3 Essentials

If you have ever experienced moderate to intense neck and back pain, you would know that it can be uncomfortable enough to wake you in the middle of the night. Perhaps you have sought medical help from your primary physician. If your spine and neck issue is severe or close to severe, they would have asked you to seek the services of a cervical spine specialist in Fort Worth. It is necessary to choose the right specialist to ensure that they can alleviate your pain and minimize any complications that may result from the medical issue.


First and foremost, choose a cervical spine specialist with ample experience. While a good deal can be learned in books and medical school, there is simply no substitute for real-life, face to face encounter with patients. If you are scheduled for spine surgery, ask your doctor how many times they have performed the specific procedure that you are about to undergo. Make sure that you make your questions as specific as possible. If you are going in for lumbar fusions, ask your potential surgeon about it. Just be sure to be open and communicative.

2.Accreditations and Certifications

The business of spine and neck surgery is a highly-competitive one. A certified cervical spine specialist one must pass a slew of board certifications. Check for the necessary licenses, certifications, and accreditations. It is a good thing if your prospect is a member of the North American Spine Society or the American Board of Spine Surgeons.

3.Communication skills

The art and science of medicine is a highly personal one. You would want to have a doctor who is able to talk effectively with you and discuss the specifics of each treatment and of the medication.

Your cervical spine specialist in Fort Worth can make or break your chances of alleviating back pain and improving the underlying condition. Make sure that you get the most competent by looking for these three essential qualities.